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I got some brown discharge?

Sorry, I meant to ask can you get pregnant from masturbation (by yourself)?


I last had my period on Aug 14 and it lasted about 5 days, so it ended around Aug 19. I then masturbated on Aug 26 and later I got some brown discharge. I have had brown discharge from then till now. Why is this?

Also, can you get pregnant without any intercourse?

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    the only way you can get pregnant with out sex is if u get the sperm injected inside of u or you a sergeant person the brow discharge it just you body saying hey you about to start your period some times you may get it sometimes not you body changes on you cycle nothing to serious i hope this help best of luck

  • shonie
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    1 decade ago

    I dont mean this to sound rude but.... I really hope ur jokin?!?! Of course u cant get pregnant from self masturbation! U can only get it thru sexual intercourse. Brown discharge is normal, it is just old blood, wen u have bin masturbating u may have distubed something or been a little rough and made something bleed. Dont worry its normal.

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