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P90x nutrition plan???????????

Hi, I am going to start p90x tomorrow and i have a question about the nutrition plan. The first phase is a fat shredder phase. The problem is that i don't really need to lose any fat. I have a bit of a belly but i can sort of see the top of my abs. Should I skip the first phase??

And is the nutrition plan necessary??

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    I've had great results without the nutrition plan. Just make sure you get the right amount of protein. If I were you I would follow the nutrition plan. The reason I say this is belly fat especially in the lower region is extremely difficult to get rid of. Besides you might as well take advantage of it to help program yourself towards eating more healthy.

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    Am a P90X grad so i know if the nutrition plan works. i tried it with some of my freinds. when we started we did the nutrition plan for one week together but after a week it became to much discipline so all of my friends but me quit the nutrition plan, but not p90X. when p90x was finished and all 90 day completed we all got amazing results. all of my freinds got a 4 pack but i got an 8 pack, SERIOUSLY. were all 22 years old. When we started we all weighed 220,180, and me 203 with no muscle whats so ever. just to show you that p90x really works but with the nutrition plan it can be amazing

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    You are supposed to follow the nutrition plan. However, it also mentions there is some leeway allowed to people who find they have different needs. Start on the nutrition plan, and if you find yourself without enough energy, add a small amount of fat or carbs to the plan and remove some of the protein.

    Yes, the nutrition plan is necessary. If you do not follow it, you will not get anywhere near the results you want from the program. I have done the program myself (still do), and have seen friends who have done it...some following the guide, some not. The ones who do not follow the nutrition guide were always angry and frustrated at their results.

    Good luck!

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    to get all the benefits of p90x you need to do the nutrition part too. abs start in the kitchen! i dont do p90x yet. im doing slim in 6 which is another beachbody plan.

    i love tony horton and am going to buy the 10 min trainer next.

    have you gone to beachbody.com. you should, its awesome.

    also if you have facebook theres a tony horton fan page

    i have a few friends who do p90x and its incredible!

    good luck!

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