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how many atoms of hydrogen are in 67.2L of H2 at STP?

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    1mole of a gas at STP = 22.4L

    use a proportion

    1/22.4 = x/67.2

    multiply both by 67.2

    67.2/22.4 = x


    there are 3moles of H2 gas

    and 2atoms per molecule

    3.00moles x 6.022x10^23molecules/mole x 2atoms /molecule = 3.61x10^24 atoms in 67.2 L of H2

    alternatively to find moles we could of used the ideal gas law which is

    PV nRT



    n= number of moles

    R = ideal gas constant (.0821 L atm / mole K

    T = Kelvin temperature

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