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I should proabably be writing margo or abigail but whatever i jus need a few differences of opinions so here goes...... my bf n i have been together for about 7 months now n we have a great relationship we both love n trust each other completely, the thing is my bf b4 he met me was sort of a "bad boy" n has been with alot of girls , i have no problem with this n he has been very open about ti from the begin n i know he is not proud of some of the things he has done but i dont judge him for it n like i said b4 we have a greta relationship, now i am a virgin n besides my bf i have only done n e thing sexual with one other guuy my previous bf n my current bf knows this... we have lots of oral sex n am comfortable with this n so is he, no he has not pressured me about sex at n e time n i know he will wait until i am ready to have actual intercourse. the problem is my bf has had so much sex with so many girls that as he puts it is just a physical thing n he doesnt see it as n e thing more n this makes me uneasy n a bit afraid that when we do decide tohave intercourse thats all it might b for him physical n i cant say it will be the same for me being the whole first time n stuff n i dont know how to deal with my 'situation' ..sigh... my bf is 20 n am 19

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    Hey baby,

    If you start to having intercourse you just may end up with a baby. Young men can become sexual as young as 9. If you think this boy has stopped being with the other girls because you are his suppose to be GF you are mistaken no matter what he is telling you. He is still a so called bad boy that wants you do do what he wants you to do when he wants you to do it and you do just like a puppet. He does not pressure you cause someone else is giving him what he want. You say you have oral sex and that you are a virgin. You are not a virgin and the reason I say that is. Anytime you experience the same so called pleasure that you experience from intercourse you are not a virgin. A women that uses a device that she insert into her vagina is not a virgin. Virgin women have not experience a sexual feeling in any way. You allow his boy to have you engaging in oral sex and you say you do it a lot. What is on your mind.

    No one wants to have a baby but oral sex is not birth control and it does not mean that you are a virgin. I am not putting you down. I hope you get with a real guy and let this creep alone. I hope you are not kissing your mom and grandma with that mouth of yours. I don't care if you don't choose my letter I just what to put something on your mind, Don't be stupid you're 18.

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    I completely accept as true with you in this. It probably have been given reported from young little ones who continuously ask this question. additionally it probably have been given deleted because of the fact it wasnt a question. some human beings merely get somewhat butt harm approximately that situation that's stupid. of direction we arent going to appreciate in the event that they're pregnant or no longer in basic terms a being pregnant attempt can tell them, and of direction in the event that they have had unprotected intercourse there is an danger... it doesnt take a genius to appreciate that!! some females I swear! So I accept as true with you!

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