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MR.J asked in SportsBaseball · 1 decade ago

baseball playoff prediction?

AL , first round ____________ vs_____________

____________ vs ______________

NL , first round _____________ vs _______________

____________ vs________________

AL ,Second round _____________ vs_______________

NL second round _____________ vs _________________

World Series ________________ vs ____________________

World Series champs 2009 = _______________________


you dont think the red sox are going to make it andrew?

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    1 decade ago
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    AL 1st round Yankees vs Rangers, Angels vs Tigers

    NL 1st Round Phillies vs Rockies Cardinals vs Giants

    AL 2nd Round Yankees vs Angels

    NL 2nd Round Phillies vs Cardinals

    World Series Cardinals vs Angels

    Champion St. Louis Cardinals

    yea my picks are a bit different but this is what i think. your prolly saying hey wheres the dodgers. well i think san fran takes the wild card and rockies take the division. and st louis and la of anaheim are the best 2. and ultimately st louis wins and tex wins wild card.

    NO i dont think they will. i still feel tampa or texas will win it. and i dont think la dodgers get in either. both rockies n giants are hot. dodgers r not

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    AL , first round Yankees vs twins

    Red Sox vs Angels

    NL , first round Phillies vs Dodgers

    Cards vs. Giants

    AL ,Second round Yankees vs. Angels

    NL second round Giants vs. Dodgers

    World Series Giants vs Yankees

    World Series champs 2009 = Giants

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    AL , first round Yankees vs Red Sox

    Angels vs Tigers

    NL , first round Cardinals vs Giants

    Dodgers vs Phillies

    AL ,Second round Red Sox vs Angels

    NL second round Giants vs Dodgers

    World Series Angels vs Giants

    World Series champs 2009 = San Francisco Giants.

    Giants pitching will do it all.

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  • fromm
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    4 years ago

    Mine NL East Phillies needed Brewers West D-Backs Wild Card Cubs AL East Rays needed Twins West Angels of direction Wild Card purple Sox worldwide sequence Brewers vs Angels, Winner is the Brewers.

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    ALDS: Yankees (win) vs. Red Sox

    Tigers vs. Angels (win)

    NLDS: Phillies (win) vs. Giants

    Dodgers vs. Cardinals (win)

    ALCS: Yankees (win) vs. Angels

    NLCS: Phillies (win) vs. Cardinals

    WS: Phillies (win) vs. Yankees

    WS Winner: The Philadelphia Phillies

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    1 decade ago

    I predict there will be playoffs.

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