Can living in a slanted house/building cause health effects?

I recently moved into a new apartment. Its located on the first floor of a three floor building. When I first looked at the apartment, I didn't notice that the entire building is at a slight slant. I'm not sure of this is due to construction on elevated terrain or simply due to poor construction, but there is a definate slant going on, probably a degree or two.

I'm wondering if this can cause any health effects like nausia, dizziness, etc. I woke up this morning with both these feelings, but I'm not entirely sure if its due to the apartment or simply due to the stress of unpacking. I was up most of the night unpacking and I still haven't gotten my bed to the apartment so I had slept on the floor on pads and cushioning.


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  • em
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    I'm living in a slanted house and no one in my family is having any new health problems. So I'd say no.

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