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Do Canadians need a Visa to visit Peru?

Do Canadians need a Visa to visit Peru?

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    No... and you can stay up to 180 days.

    I found this, copied from:

    A valid Canadian passport is required for Canadians intending to visit Peru. The passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the date of your expected departure from the country.

    Tourist Visa: Not required

    Business Visa: Required

    Student Visa: Required

    Canadians do not require a tourist visa to enter Peru. An entry stamp will be provided in the passport upon arrival at the Peruvian port of entry for up to 180 days, the length of which is determined by Immigration Officers. Overstaying a visa or entry stamp is a criminal offence. In most cases, the Peruvian Immigration charges a fee of 1 US$ for each day of overstaying a visa. This fee will be paid upon exiting the country.

    Canadians entering Peru by land need to obtain an entrance stamp in their passport. If they fail to do so, Peruvian Immigration Officials could oblige them to go back to the border to obtain the stamp before leaving Peru.

    Although Canadians do not need a tourist visa to visit Peru, all travellers are given an Andean Immigration Card upon arrival. This card must be presented prior to departure from Peru. Failure to produce this document may result in delays until a replacement card is obtained. If your passport is lost or stolen, a new card and a new entry stamp on the replacement passport must be processed at the Peruvian Immigration Office in Lima:

    Direccion General de Migraciones y Naturalizacion (DIGEMIN)

    Address: Prolongación Av. España 734, Breña - LIMA

    Telephone: 433-0789

    Business hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

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    Traveling To Peru Visa

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    I can't help you on your original question, but I want to warn you of a possible problem. There have been stories here in the press of foreign nationals visiting the US who cross into Canada, and then are not allowed to return to the US. Their US visa allows only one visit, and that technically ends when they go into Canada. I have no idea if this will happen to you, but I would ask about it before you suddenly find you are not allowed back in the US.

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    no you guy don't need visa to enter in peru, enjoy the magic inca's kingdom

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