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suggestions on a nice resturant to bring my gf?

hey yeah

well on the 10th of spetember me and my gf will have been dating for 2 months ok and on the 21 its her bday now i live in montreal i need some suggestions on a really nice resturant to bring her and an idea of how much its gonna cost me i dont care if it cost 300

i want her to have a really really nice freakin evening you know soo let me know


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    I would take her to her favorite place.

    Suggestions would include the Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Macaroni Grill, PF Chang, a local restaurant in Montreal that serves really good food.......

    I think just being with you will make her evening enjoyable! Good luck and have fun! Don't forget to bring her flowers (something that she likes).

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    Go to Ruth Chris' Steak House, Its kinda expensive but the meal will be worth every penny and what your girl gives you after for dessert will be priceless im sure



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    Olive Garden!!!

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    red lobster.she will give you a nice gift too,i'm certain.get a sea food platter and lobster her a nice dress and some diamond earings.she's worth it right.a limo would be memorable.

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    Bring her to a place where they make the kind of food she likes.P.S. Japanese is always fun PPS it's not the food it's the company she will enjoy.

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    Make her dinner.

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