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Please Help me in (French). Rewrite this Please.?

1. Who stole my pepsi?

2. What time is it Steve?

3. When is the sunshine going to come kris?

4. Where did John go?

5. Why Is Jared so tall?

6. How old are you Thomas?

7. How many days are there in August Joseph?

8. Which one of you girls stole my pencil?

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    1. qui a vole (with ' above e) mon pepsi?

    2. quelle heure est cela Steve?

    3. quand le soleil va-t-il venir Kris?

    4. ou ( with ` above u) John est-il alle (with ' above e)

    5. pourquoi Jared est si grand ?

    6. quel age ( with ^ above a) ont vous Thomas?

    7. combien de jours sont la ( with ` above a) en aout (with ^ above u ) Joseph?

    8. que d'entre vous les filles ont vole (with ' above e ) mon crayon?

    sorry its abit confusing hope ive helped

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