how much would a acadian bus ticket to winnipeg from fredericton cost?

i really need to know how much a fredericton to winnipeg acadian bus ticket will cost soon because i am trying to leave but i don't know if i have enough money and if i were to go to the bus station it will take me a half an hour just to drive to the next city to ask because there is no bus station here. i have went to the website but it didn't help at all, and i have called their toll free line but they only work on weekdays, can someone please help! D':

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    i concur w JJ. the reason you are having difficulty finding information is because acadian doesnt go to winnipeg. you can do all the piecing together of an itinerary (as JJ has written), but i would suggest that you give acadian or greyhound toll-free numbers a try. in most cases, bus companies have "interline" agreements that allow one company to sell bus tickets for other companies, so that you can buy all your tickets from one agent. again, MOST companies participate in these agreements, but NOT ALL, so you need to check further if you want this convenience. but you probably will get better fares by piecing the purchases together on your own - but it is a lot more work on your part.

    altho', JJ did the hardest part for you.

    *i would also recommend the mixed mode, use via rail train for part of trip, it will be much more comfortable for traveling. and just use the bus as needed to get to the train*

    Source(s): me - former amtrak and via rail ticket clerk
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    Fredericton Bus Station

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  • Acadian only serves the Maritime provinces. You'll have to take an Acadian bus to Riviere-Du-Loup ($70.06 - ), and Orleans Express bus to Montreal ($74.50 - ). From Montreal, you can take a Voyageur bus (operated by Greyhound) to Ottawa, and then onward with Greyhound to Winnipeg. You might have to transfer in Sudbury. The price from Montreal to Winnipeg will be approximately $146.50 if booked at least 14 days in advance, or $193.50 if booked at the time of travel. ( ).

    TOTAL= $291.06

    IMPORTANT: Greyhound Canada is currently threatening to STOP all bus services in Manitoba as of October 3rd, and all bus services in North-western Ontario as of December 2nd. See .

    If you plan on traveling after October 3rd, you may have to seek alternative transportation. The next-best option is to travel by train with VIA Rail. An Acadian Bus ticket from Fredericton to Moncton would be $42.94, and the train fare (if booked in advance) from Moncton to Winnipeg would be $483.64, with transfers in Montreal and Toronto.

    If you first got to Sudbury Jct. by bus, you could catch the train from there to Winnipeg for only $98.00.

    So, the total would work out to $298.56 if it's all booked at least 21 days in advance. Plus you'd have to factor in the cost of local transportation from Sudbury bus depot to Sudbury Junction train station (not Sudbury station). The distance is about 10 KM, and I believe you can take a city bus, but you may end up having to take a taxi.

    If you need any more info or help planning your trip, feel free to send me a message by clicking on my picture, or by sending an e-mail to .

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  • 4 years ago

    Really!? Go to the bus stations web page and look!!!

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