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people that know german.. answer?

How do you say oh my gosh in german?

or what do german people say thats kind of means oh my gosh.

like oh jeez, or ay ay ay.

or wow.

just something that kind of means oh my goodness. but in german it doesnt sound like it really..

thank you :)

( part of my family is german and i want to learn it )

or the basic phrases anyway.

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    - oh mein gott!

    - ach du meine guette!

    - also sowas!

    - boah ey! (very, very lower class)

    - birnbaum und hollerstauden (meister eder)

  • - Oh, mein Gott! (We haven't such a word as "Gosh")

    - Gott, ey!

    - Boah...(it's a bit like WOW)

    - Meine Güte (My goodness)

    ...The phrases which are most used

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