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Why are Americans so afraid of universal health care?

I just don't get it. All civilized countries except the US have universal health care, and they have better health and longer life expectancy than the US does. The US seems totally barbaric with their health-care system where people can actually die because they don't have money.

I'm hearing so many crazed maniacs on the news going on about their grandmothers getting bumped off if the health care plan goes through, or they won't get cancer treatment and crazy things like that -- Where the heck does that come from? You think the billions of us with universal health care and a level of health and life expectancy superior to yours are all getting bumped off?

I just don't get it. Where is that nonsense coming from? And if you believe that BS, do you not see you're being completely blinded by propaganda from the people making tons of money at your expense right now?

In my country you get superior health care no matter what. If you lose your job and your kid gets leukemia, guess what? Your kid is looked after. You don't lose your house. You don't have to have fund-raising neighbors. Your parents don't have to refinance their house to help you out.

So what are you afraid of? Better health? Having more money?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    of matter.!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pat K
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Because Americans are afraid of change. Everything that happens Government gets blamed. Who really controls medical help now? The overpriced doctors do. They have also put themselves on a pedestal. Insurance companies are not the culprit, illegal medical billing practices are. ALL insurance companies have a negotiated fee schedule and a co-pay. Medical billing companies will later bill the patient for the difference of regular rate vs negotiated amount. They will threaten collections and may turn you over to collections, but this is illegal and unless people start paying attention to billing practices it will continue to happen. Billing companies get bonuses for money collected. Before you pay what billing companies say you owe, call and ask for a detailed bill, if they actually send it to you (which they typically don't) you can go over it with your insurance company and they (insurance company) will take it from there.

    As a person with a host of medical conditions I AM in favor of Universal/Socialized Medicine. I am currently on Medicare because of some of these conditions. If and when I lose Medicare I cannot get Health Insurance in this county. Right now I can't get life or mortgage insurance. Should all this be monitored??? Hell yes. Dr's, Hospitals and Pharmaceutical companies are the only people profitting right now.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well im not sure what country you live in but that's not the case. People come from canada to the us thousands of times everyday, to pay for the heath care that is "free" in their country. The wait times are too long and the health care is mediocre at best. If our health care is so bad then why do we have the worlds leading hospitals? Do people from other country's who are very ill or disfigured come to the us because it is fun? No the us leading hospitals like Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic are the best in the world because they can use the profit they make for advanced research. Therefore the us has the best and most forward thinking hospitals in the world. Patient care is also among the best. The lack of compensation for Dr.s in canada is the reason for 2.2 dr.s for 1000 people. I think you should further research this before you rant. And if you don't live in the us why do you care anyway. Im sure if you or your family had a complicated medical problem you would be the first to come to the usa.

  • jekin
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    I don't want our stupid selfish politicians screwing with anything as important as health care. They have robbed SS and destroyed our economy. The democrats and their dupe Obama are trying to destroy the rest of our country and make us all dependent on them so they can have absolute control.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would Rather be Healthy

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