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body shop did a terrible job fixing my car, but i no longer live anywhere near them!?

so i got in an accident, got my car repaired by a certified body shop through my insurance company usaa, it looked good the day i got the car, but they did take FOREVER to get teh car done. they had it ready one day before i was stationed somewhere thousands of miles away, so i drove off and the horror began, steering is off, vibration at highway speeds, noticed the hood is misalligned, missing parts from the bumper (under the car where it was not visible till i put it on a lift to check the allignment) and numerous other quirks are all showing up. the car was in pristine condition. not a single issue before the accident.

can i do anything, going back to the shop is not an option. i haven't contaced anyone yet but plan on callign insurance tomorrow.l

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    If this was a USAA certified repairer then contact USAA and tell them what going on -- it's likely they have a similar program to State Farm where the repairs will be guaranteed and you simply take it to another certified shop in your area for the corrective repairs. I know you're pi**ed right now but try to keep an open mind -- let your insurer attempt to sort out the issues before you come unglued. If this sort of thing is happening in one of 'their' program shops they need to know about it. Even the best repairers can drop the ball from time to time so take a breath, stay professional and give everyone a chance to get your car right.

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    Forever could guarantee to be gotten for teh car

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    call ins co now

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