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3 examples of corruption?

What are 3 examples of corruption in today's world?

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    Greed-when did it become ok for someone to watch money roll in instead of earning it? Seriously how is it that the laborors make far less than the guy in the easy chair giving instruction. What's worse is the vast difference in wage. Ignorance-a fool says there is no God.Parents trying to raise kids in a Godless home.

    Accountability-Get drunk and act a fool or smoke in front of your children. Yeah you arent hurting anyone right? How about all the cigarett and liquor stores you support. If there was no demand there would be no supply.

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    Councillor gives approval for a mates building that breaches some rules.

    Businesses that benefit from Government decisions giving those Government decision makers a guaranteed company board position when they retire in a few years time.

    Managers receiving benefits that are significantly above agreed pay conditions from clients without declaring them to their employer and or the government.

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    George W. Bush

    Fox News

    Rush Limbaugh

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    Human governments, Almost all religion, Finance industry

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