Muslims: How many of you follow a madhab?

I am not asking to go against madhabs or give any opinions as to why it should be followed or why it shouldnt be.

Just wondering if any of you follow a madhab and which?


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    I have been brought up in a society that follows and understands the Shaf'ii school of thought.

    Following a particular school of thought does not create a discord among the Muslims. All four (Maliki, Hanafi, Shaf'ii, Hanbali) have congruency with each other.

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    Ja'fary Madhab of Imam Ja'far Sadiq the grandson of Prophet Mohammad s.a.w. and Imam Ali a.s.

    Also called Shi'a Ithna Asheri.

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    I'm being brought up shafii'i but I always check for which the stronger daleel is. For some things.

    Like for covering the feet of women, Shafii'is say that its awrah and should be covered but hanafi's say its ok to leave uncovered.

    Wa Allahu 3alam.

  • there is a great lecture about this in youtube by dr, zakir naik check it out it will open ur eyes

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