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basic horse research?

I am having my son do his own research. Where is a good place to learn the very basic basics. We only have 1.35 acres, so is that even enough land? I want him to read about basic care, cost of feed, how much land is needed, vet fees, upkeep fees. We will be living in Coombs on Vancouver Island.


Yes, he is wanting to get one. We have looked into 4-H in the area, and have posted an ad looking for a swap for labour/knowledge. I just want him to seriously look at every angle, even before starting to work with horses. I have no issues with him wanting one, and working with horses at another acreage or farm. I just don't want him to have unrealistic expectations if we don't have enough room, or he cannot afford to keep the horse. I want him to have all the info before he starts. He may not be able to get a horse of his own for home, and may need to be content with being around and working with other peoples horses for now. Would 1 acre be enough for a horse with another companion animal but not a horse? If feed was supplemented year round? And the horse is ridden 4-6 days a week?

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    The Cherry Hill's site and books are excellent resources when you are starting out. I'm posting a link that will get you started. Welcome to the wonderful world of horses.............................

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    Is this in hopes that he will be buying a horse?

    If so, then books are about useless - what he needs is full on hands on experience, the experience is nothing like the book and there is no way anyone could have enough experience to own a horse with a couple of books about feed.

    If you want him to learn plenty, try getting him involved in pony club - It's taught me a hell of a lot over the years.

    1.35 acres is enough for one horses, but horses need companionship - whch means at least 2 acres, so no it's not enough land.

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    Cost of feed and hay is determined locally. Grass is seasonal and probably you won't want him on it all the time. You will probably need hay at least in Winter and early spring. Don't put them out on the spring grass until the weather dries up a bit and the grass is tall. In any case don't turn them out all at once on green grass. They can founder. You might want to grow the early batch for hay and let the horses graze on the stubble. Don't do this if you have a lot of alfalfa out there.

    The cost of your other supplies, first aid, grooming etc will vary with the brand and quality.

    Veterinarian visits (twice yearly shots, teeth floating, etc) vary with the location and availability.

    I apologize for not knowing what book to look up for basic horse care. I learned from my grandparents before I could read. I think John Lyons may have a book on basic horse care.

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    that's not enough land for one horse, and it's always better to get more then one horse because they are heard animals. Go to a farm store and get a few horse books and have him read them and then write you a paper about what he read. it would also help if you read up as well and learned as he learned.

    There are tons of books out there on horse care and costs, as well as websites. i'm sure between me and my friend we've collected over 20 books over the years.

    good luck.

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