Survey for the guys?? (About Girls)?

Guys, what do you think about........

1) Red hair on girls (im not talking red red but like blondish red)

2) Sporty Girls

3) Girls who know some stuff about cars

4) Short girls

5) Tall girls

6) Smart Girls

7) Shy girls

8) Loud/outgoing girls

9) Freckles on girls

10) Girly Girls

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1) Red hair on girls (im not talking red red but like blondish red)--idc

    2) Sporty Girls--il

    3) Girls who know some stuff about cars--il

    4) Short girls--idc

    5) Tall girls--idc

    6) Smart Girls--il

    7) Shy girls--ok

    8) Loud/outgoing girls--idc

    9) Freckles on girls--iht

    10) Girly Girls--il

  • Erin
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    1 decade ago


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  • 6 years ago

    1- Not sure what you mean about blondish red, but natural red i guess, red dye no. No gingers though.

    2- Well i don't like sports that much so not really.

    3- I also don't care much for cars so i wouldn't care.

    4- Love girls who are shorter than me.

    5- Nope

    6- Not brain dead but i wouldn't care if they were that dumb but at least had some integrity and respect for themselves


    8- Hate girls like that

    9- I guess

    10- Yes. Im not into weird girls, no offense.

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  • Lee
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    1 decade ago

    1: Uhh sure why not? It varies guys to guys? Although I think three main hair colors are blond, brunett, and black.

    2: Sure, sports is always fine. It shows dedication, discipline, fitness etc.

    3:Well, even though the topic isn't a girls topic, it's just fine. The more knowledge the better. As long as she's not obsessed about cars more than you? lol..

    4: Varies guys to guys. Me personally, I'm actually not extremely tall, but I'm not short, however I like tall girls haha, but they shouldn't be taller than me. Either exact same height or 1 to maybe 1.5 feet shorter than me?

    5: What.. explained above lol.

    6: Smart girls are hot. Unless they have that nerd geek ego on them.. but I mean they're smart, so they should know what's hot and so on.

    7: I won't mind. I can always just take charge for them. Even though I'm kind of shy myself! haha. Not that big of a deal. Unless they hide all day o.O

    8: Sure! I like it. In fact I even like it sometimes when they are more outgoing than myself. Then we can both take turns doing fun things. Not tooooooooo out going though lol. I don't wanna feel like a chained rabbit :( though I don't really mind, if she's a nice care taker! ^^

    9: Well, I don't know about all guys.. I don't recommend it. Might be turn offs for some guys. I don't hate it, but I personally don't like it.

    10: Uhhh... sure, it's fine. I hate girls that are not girly enough. They kind of get that b**** attutiude sometimes?? I don't know haha...... it doesn't matter for me. As long as girly girl is nicely played, and if you're going to not be girly, also do it in a decent manner.

    This is such a long answer and I mean holy crap, Longest answer I'm going to do since like..? a few months.

    Bye bye xD

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  • 1 decade ago

    1) Red hair on girls (im not talking red red but like blondish red)

    - nope

    2) Sporty Girls

    - yes!

    3) Girls who know some stuff about cars

    - maybe

    4) Short girls

    - yes!

    5) Tall girls

    - no

    6) Smart Girls

    - they should be smart

    7) Shy girls

    - I'll probably marry one

    8) Loud/outgoing girls

    - they're cool

    9) Freckles on girls

    - nahh, only on my 9th Algebra teacher

    10) Girly Girls

    - not really

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  • 1 decade ago

    1) don't really like red hair. blonde is good but i usually am attracted to darker hair.

    2) well sporty girls have nice bodies

    3) no interest in girls that can be like guys but if a girl is genuinly into cars then we would have stuff to talk about

    4)love short girls!

    5) i like the legs on tall girls tho. ecspecially with a skirt and some heels to show em off.

    6) dont matter just as long as they not brain dead.

    7) fun at first getting them out of their shell and getting to know them is more of a challenge so its interesting but after awhile it does get annoying

    8) i can instantly chill with an outgoing girl so that is cool. definitely prefer outgoing girls at parties or things of that nature.

    9) freckles are sexy

    10) i like girls to be girls.. i like when they have all there makup gadgets and different tools and lotions and powders that i dont have any clue what they are but thats what girls are supposed to be like.

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  • 1.) Usually unatractive, but occasionally extremely good looking

    2.) Attractive, its nice to know a girl's athletic

    3.) Kinda cool, but not important

    4.) Unless they're like a miget, it doesn't really matter

    5.) I try not to date them taller then me...

    6.) It's nice to have a smart, intelligent girl

    7.) As long as you can make them "come out of their bubble" its okay

    8.) Loud = annoying, outgoing = fun to talk to

    9.) Freckles can be cute

    10.) Girly girls are okay, personality is a big one here.

    Source(s): I'm a guy
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ) Red hair on girls (im not talking red red but like blondish red)'s ok

    2) Sporty Girls---hot

    3) Girls who know some stuff about cars----no way

    4) Short girls---ok

    5) Tall girls----that's my thang

    6) Smart Girls----also my thang

    7) Shy girls----it's ok

    8) Loud/outgoing girls----annoying

    9) Freckles on girls----ok

    10) Girly Girls---they should act more manly

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  • 1 decade ago

    I love short girls, smart, outgoing (but not loud), girly girls with freckles.

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  • 1)If natural red no. But its usauly hot when its died red

    2)Hell yea i love sporty girls there usauly pretty tough and fun ^_^

    3)It's not neccesary but it is benificial

    4) Not too tall a little taller then me is fine but i dont wanna have too stand on a stool to kiss her so not too tall

    5)i stand by my previous statement

    6)YES!!! I cant stand stupid girls who i cant carry on an intelegent conversation with it makes me mad but they need too know how too ACT stupid from time too time for fun.

    7) I like them too start out shy but i tend too get them too stray away from shyness after a while with my crazy outgoing personality it just rubs off on ppl

    8) Not too loud and obnocious they need too know when enough is enough i hate girls who never shut up

    9) Yea there cute :3

    10) HELL NO!!!! there no fun >_> and very annoying they need too know how to get there hands dirty

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