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Why do women say they're under pressure to look good?

Aren't men under pressure to look good too?

How can that be used as a reason why women have it harder in life? Either they put in the effort they want to look good, or they can be like men, not put in the effort, and then watch the opposite sex pass them by.

Why are women always complaining about things they bring on themselves?

(And don't use the media as an excuse. Men in the media are either well defined, good looking guys, or fat, stupid baffoons. You think that doesn't affect our self-images?)


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    Lack of direction and logic. It is the same women who complain that they're pressured by men to look good, who also claim that ALL women are just as much or more visual than men. Think 'having the cake and eating it too'.

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    ok well i wont go into the meida excuse

    then but the reason is according to benjamin fry (Psychologist) the answer to the question 'why do men have fewwer body hang ups then us': the message that how important they are as a person is based on how tey look. But a mans worth is more associated with wealth, power and success - they dont feel the same pressure to use their bodies to impress people. These social traditions go back thousands of years.. and it goes on to say, the fact is nearly all human behavior is learnt and today men have been toaught not t worry about their bodies as much as women.. etc etc

    And that is officaly the answer but if you wanted to get into detail you could go into detail about role models, media etc for example a lady called nancy did some research called something like 'reflections of girls in the media' which found the more a girl is subject to the media the worse she feels about herself

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    It's true that men and women are both pressured to look good.

    The thing is, though, that looking good is the only thing a woman has going for her. A man can just be rich and find himself a long term wh*re.

    The power of looking good, though, is nearly equal on both sides. As a good looking guy, I can say for certain that it's quite easy to get women to do whatever I want for my attention/time.

    Although, as a man, you're expected to have confidence and other desirable personality traits. While, as a woman, all you have to do is look good and don't say anything that smells feministy.

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    women are only under pressure to look good if they have a reason took look good.. as in they want to impress. Not all women make an effort not all guys make an effort but some do i mean lots and lots of guys wear hair gel lots of women wear make up. No difference here. I totally haven't answered your question truth is i don't know i am agreeing with your statement 'men are under pressure to look good to''

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    It's just another way we can be martyrs. lol Poor us, forced to wear big bad makeup and run a comb through our hair! Oh noes! What gets me is how many of these same women will then turn around and refuse to date a man who is overweight or not good looking enough. Such hypocrisy!

    Seriously though, the pressure isn't really there from men. They don't seem to care all that much about whether we're on trend or look perfect. The pressure isn't from the media, either. They only have as much influence in your life as YOU allow! If you don't buy all the crappy women's magazines and don't pay attention to the media then the pressure just magically disappears. I think you're right; we do it to ourselves.

    PS - is your avatar Stephen Colbert, by any chance? It looks just like him!

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    There's a lot of social pressure for both men and women to stick to boring and rigid gender stereotypes, women are suppose to be pretty and men not suppose to be pretty, but men aren't suppose to be complete slobs either. I don't know what world you're living in, but the pressure is relentless from family, peers, community.. everyone around you feels they have the right to say something about how you look and dress. It takes a lot of guts to ignore what ppl say and do what you want. I couldn't wait to get away from school so I finally didn't have to listen to the completely idiotic ideas teachers have about how men and women are suppose to look, act and feel.

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    Because they are "pressured" by almost everyone, straight men, "straight"· women (the vast majority of women posses a healthy lesbian leaning). lesbians....Men on the other side, don't need to look good to get women, we just need a big wallet. If we were all gay, since men gay tend to find men the fairer sex, then I would agree, we would feel the pressure to look good too.

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    I don't feel under pressure to look good. It takes me a half hour to get ready for work in the morning...or to go anywhere, for that matter...shower included.

    I just don't think there's anything wrong with having a good appearance. I wouldn't go around with polyester pants, and mismatched shirt.

    Most people look good as long as their clothes fit nice [yea, I've seen some people wearing things that probably fit 20 pounds ago], are stylish, and good hygene.

    There are few people stuck in another era, that I'd like to bring up to current time, but...hey, to each there own.

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    Men are under pressure to be rich and successful and women are under pressure to look beautiful. It boils down to the fact that men like sex and women like money.

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    Well they are and this is coming from a guy's point of view most guys now are days are very mannish they base there women based upon looks of the face butt and breast instead of personality and characteristics

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