No inner envelops ... where do say "and guest"?

We only have outer envelops for our invites because a) that's what the kit we could afford came with and b) I think buying inner ones would a bit of a waste of paper and money.

So where should I mention the John Smith & Guest?

I think it would look kind of funny to mail the invites with that on the outside envelop ... and I've heard it's an etiquette "no-no". We haven't printed anything yet, except our return address on all the envelops, and I am about to start writing the addresses on the envelops (to be done this week).

Any ideas?

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    It's fine to write "and guest" on the outside envelope. Otherwise, where would you put it? The invitations themselves don't have a place for the guests' names.

    Etiquette is about doing things that make other people feel comfortable and respected. It's not about picky arbitrary rules and restrictions. So you can feel at ease writing "and guest" on the outside envelope because that's where you tell your invitees who, exactly, is invited.

    Here's an interesting tidbit about the inner and outer envelopes. In the "olden days" (early 19th century), wedding invitations would be delivered by hand to guests by a family servant or hired courier. That person would be out walking around in all kinds of weather, maybe on horseback. The outer envelope was meant to be a protective shield from the rain, mud, grime, etc. It would be torn off by the servants at the invitees' homes, leaving the pristine inner envelopes for the upper-class family to open.

    There used to be a functional purpose to the inner envelope. Now there isn't. So do what makes sense for your invitations!

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    forget etiquette, just write and guest on the outside when you address them. I get invites like that all the time. or on the response card, you could fill in a 2 if you're inviting 1 person and guest but that's not reall explanatory, they might not get it. but I'm with you, that inner envelope adds to the postage cost and is a total waste of $$$

    Source(s): been to 21 weddings and been in 4
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    Invitations were one place that I decided to cut corners in my budget. I did 'seal-and-send' invitations. They're basically just one long card that folds up in itself, and you write the address on the outside. There was no envelope at all! I wrote "& guest" on the outside of the envelope. Honestly. If that's a breach of ettiquete....then don't bring a guest. If i'm cutting corners on my invites and still inviting your should be happy at my priorities!

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    i think you could write the and guest on the outside of the envelope. i'm not going to have an inner envelope either and i think thats what i will do.

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    I wrote "& Guest" on the outter envelope for my invites.

    But I also pre-filled the RSVP cards to read " ___ of __2__ accepts" so the person being invited understood that their invite came with the ability to bring someone.

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    Put it on the outer envelope. It is not an etiquette faux pas.

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    guess you didn't end up saving money after all... the envelope never says guest... it only says it on the rsvp.. which you did not bother with.. or at least a return envelope for them... not sure how you were saving paper... you needed it...

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