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Can You Give Me Five Similes And Five Metaphors?


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    1. His words were like an insect bite; they stung at first, but eventually stopped hurting.

    2. The heat of the summer day draped over us like a sticky fishing net.

    3. As quick as lightening, the mouse was gone.

    4. Her innocent face looked as delicate as a rose petal, but I knew she could cut me just like the razor-sharp thorns.

    5. Without my mother's advice I'd be as lost as a sailor stranded at sea.


    1. Her silence was a sharp knife driving itself into my soul.

    2. My grandmother's memory is a rickety, worn-down bridge; you never know when it is going to give out.

    3. When extreme stress overpowers initiative, what was once the road to success can become a road block of self-defeat.

    4. I decided not to lie to him; I had tried on the cloak of deception once before and it didn't seem to fit me.

    5. During the hurricane, the willow trees became dancing ballerinas twirling and swirling in rhythm.

  • the cat is like a big hair ball

    the red looks like blood

    families are like close friends

    people are like zombies

    the ice cream is like yogurt

    5 similies


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