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Help with vaguely remembered song if possible - please.?

Does anyone know of a song that has a spoken bit sampled at the start that sounds like it is some guy talking about being at what I'm guessing was a festival in the sixties and he is just talking about how there was acid everywhere and he grabbed some apple juice to try to sort himself out cos it was so hot, but that was full of acid too. I'm afraid I can't remember the exact wording or much about the song itself. The song is fairly recent (within the last year I think) and it is sort of chilled out electro I think - Sorry about the vagueness heard it at a festival last weekend and made a mental note to track it down when I got back... but now I am back memories are very hazy to say the least.

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    Google: lyrics "apple sauce" and any other notable phrases that you remember. Perhaps the name of the festival? The band's name, or part of it?

    I have never failed to find lyrics or poems this way.

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