Halloween costume help, makeup/clothes?

I was thinking about being a zombie for halloween

I'm going to be partying downtown at bars on halloween and I was wondering what I should do to make my zombie outfit hot...

What should I wear?

and how should I do my makeup?

I know there are so many zombie ideas, you can practically turn anything as a zombie. I wanted to do zombie alice in wonderland but my friend is doing that :(

thanks everyone :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Wear ripped skinny jeans, then take a white t shirt and rip it up in random spots then splatter fake blood or paint. Then do a smokey eye and paint your face white and blend a little blackeyeshadow under your eyes. Then wear like cute boots. you can be a fashionable zombie (:

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  • 1 decade ago

    Rip up a tight tank top, and wear white pants ripped up. Then splatter some sort of red stuff all over the clothes. Mess up your hair alot. And put fake blood and make it look like you have gashes all over your chest, neck, shoulders and face. Wear a pale foundation with lots of eyeliner and black eyeshadow in under your eyes, smudge it out like 2 cm. Then wear red lipstick and line them with black lipliner. Put fake blood on so it looks like its coming out of your mouth.

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  • 1 decade ago

    For make up you could use halloween make up using gray, white, and black around your face to make you look dead and dark colors around your eyes to make them look sunk in. do red lip stick because it will make your lips stand out. Make you hair look messy and un kept like tease it in random spots and ruffle it around a bit. Your clothes can look torn and messy like they are old and stained. Also you could get those fake cut thing to put anywhere making it look like you were of course cut! Hope this helps!!

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