60 000$ to have a child in the United States without insurance?

Without any health insurance or any type of coverage, does it cost 60 000$ to have a child in the United States, my teacher said it and he does exagerate things alot, trust me i have the right number and country so don't get all upset telling me i'm wrong i just want to know but don't act like i'm stupid. so i didn't really believe him, how much does it cost?

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  • wizjp
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    Possible it could be "AS MUCH AS" but I doubt it's on average.

    I had a week in the hospital and open heart surgery and it wasn't that much

    Found this


    Childbirth (MedlinePlus)

    Vast set of topics including pre-term labor, dealing with pain, Midwives, Apgar scores, Episiotomy, vaginal infections, breech babies, information from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and more. Reliable, fast and ad-free source of information

    Childbirth - Average Hospital Delivery Cost, C-Section rate, Length of Stay 2006

    Estimated cost for the hospital delivery and maternity stay in 2006 averaged $3500. A C-section without complications was $4500, and a 2.1 day stay for vaginal delivery without complications was $2600. Numbers exclude physician fees, prenatal care, and newborn costs. Charges would have been higher, and have not been updated for 2009. C-section rate was 32% of all births; 34% of those privately insured; just 25% of the uninsured. AHRQ Statistical Brief # 71 uses 2006 HCUP data, published April 2009

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    When you add doctor's fees, and medication(assuming you get drugs to numb the pain) and the stay, I could easily believe it. The thing is if you don't have insurance then you should talk to the hospital about the fact that you don't have insurance. Hospitals have been known to lower costs for the uninsured. Part of the reason is that they overcharge insurance companies. It's likely not going to cost that much, but depending on the hospital, the medication, and the doctor(like if you need specialists as well or something) then yeah I think it could reach that much.

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