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What are EVERY single Monopoly game ever made?

starting from the one back in 1935 to pirates of the caribbean, i know there are a lot , and if someone could give me as many as you can find that would be great, i would appreciate it .. thanks

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    1935 Deluxe First Edition (2002 re-production)

    [show]Atlantic City

    [show]Atlantic City (pre 2008)


    American Chopper Edition

    [show]The American Express Funds Edition

    Auburn University Edition (Auburnopoly)


    Bass Fishing Lakes Edition

    Batman Edition

    Batman and Robin Edition

    BBK Clinical Research and Development Edition

    [show]The Beatles Edition

    Berkshire Hathaway Diamond Edition

    Best Buy Corp. Edition

    Betty Boop Edition

    Boston Celtics Edition

    Boy Scouts of America Edition

    Bratz Edition

    Buckeye-opoly. A localized version set on the Ohio State campus.


    California Centers Magazine Edition

    Cat Lover's Edition

    50th Anniversary Chevy Corvette Edition

    Chicago White Sox World Series 1917-2005 Edition

    Chocolateopoly Edition

    Christmas Story Edition

    Clemsonopoly (Clemson University Edition)

    Coca-Cola Edition

    Coca-Cola Classic Ads Edition


    [show]The .com Edition

    [show]Disney Theme Park Edition

    Disney Pixar Edition

    The Dog Artist Edition

    Dog Lover's Edition

    [show]Dominick's Collector's Edition

    Doraemon Edition

    Duel Masters Edition

    Dale Earnhardt Edition (The first edition based on a person.)


    ESPN Ultimate Sports Fan Edition

    Electronic Banking Edition

    European Edition


    Family Guy Edition

    Fantastic Four Edition

    Federal Express FedEx Edition

    Ford Edition


    Garfield Edition

    [show]General Mills Edition

    [show]Golf Edition


    Hard Rock Cafe Edition

    Harley Davidson Edition

    Heinz Edition

    [show]Here and Now Edition

    [show]Here and Now: World Edition

    Hershey Park Edition (Hershey Parkopoly)

    Horse Edition

    Huskeropoly Edition


    I Love Lucy Edition

    I Love Lucy: California Here We Come Edition

    Inflatable Edition

    Indiana Jones Edition


    [show]James Bond 007: Collector's Edition

    Juicy Couture Edition

    Justice League Of America Edition



    Kitchener-Waterloo On Board


    Lionel Trains Edition

    Littlest Pet Shop Edition

    Looney Tunes Collectors Edition

    [show]Looney Tunes: Official Classic Cartoon Edition

    The Lord of the Rings Edition


    Marvel Super Heroes Edition

    [show]Marshall Field's Edition

    [show]Monopoly Junior (U.S. version)

    [show]Monopoly: The Mega Edition

    [show]Michael Graves Design Edition

    Michigan State University Edition (Spartanopoly)

    [show]Mickey Mouse 75th Anniversary Edition

    Millenium Edition (2000)

    Mississippi State University Edition (M-Stateopoly)

    Monopoly City

    Muppets Edition

    Mustang (Ford) Edition

    Mustang (Ford) 40th Anniversary Edition

    My American Idol Edition

    My Disney Villains Edition

    My Fantasy Baseball Edition

    My MLB Edition

    My NBA Edition

    My NFL Edition

    My NHL Edition


    NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Edition

    National Parks Edition

    NFL Edition

    NHL Edition

    NHL Original Six Edition

    New York Mets Edition

    New York Yankees Edition

    Night Sky Edition

    [show]Nintendo Collector's Edition

    Notre Dame Edition

    Nightmare Before Christmas Edition

    [show]Parker Brothers Nostalgia Games Series Edition


    Olympic Games Centennial Edition

    Onyx Limited Edition

    Option One Mortgage Corporation Limited Edition


    [show]Peanuts Collector's Edition

    Pedigree Dog Lover's Edition

    Pennsylvania State University Edition (Penn State-opoly)

    [show]Pirates of the Caribbean Collector's Edition

    Pixar Edition

    [show]Pokémon Edition (1999)

    [show]Pokémon Edition (2001)

    [show]The Powerpuff Girls Edition



    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Edition

    Red Sox Edition


    Scooby-Doo Edition

    Sephora Edition

    Sesame Street Edition

    [show]Seventieth 70th Anniversary Edition (Collector's Tin)

    Sheraton Edition

    Shrek Edition

    [show]The Simpsons Edition

    The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror Edition

    [show]Snoopy: It's a Dog's Life Edition

    Snowboarding Edition

    Spider-Man Edition

    SpongeBob SquarePants Edition

    [show]Star Trek: The Next Generation Collectors' Edition

    [show]Star Trek: The Original Series Limited Edition

    Star Wars Episode 1 Edition

    [show]Star Wars Original Trilogy Edition (1997)

    [show]Star Wars Original Trilogy Edition (2004)

    Star Wars The Clone Wars Edition

    St. Louis Cardinals World Series Championship Edition (2006)

    Sun-Maid Edition

    Superman Returns Edition

    Surfing Edition


    Target Corporation Edition

    Texas A&M University Edition (Aggieolopy)

    Tennessee Volunteers Edition

    Ford Thunderbird 50th Anniversary Edition

    [show]Transformers Collector's Edition

    [show]Toys "R" Us 50th Anniversary Edition - Monopoly Deluxe Edition


    United Parcel Service Edition

    United States Air Force Edition

    U.S. Army Edition

    United States Marine Corps Edition

    United States Navy Edition

    United States Coast Guard Edition

    University of Michigan Edition (Michiganopoly)

    [show]U.S. Space Program Edition


    Vintage Game Collection Edition

    Virginia Techopoly Edition


    [show]The Wizard of Oz Collector's Edition

    World Cup 1998 Edition

    World Cup 2006 Edition


    X-Men Collector's Edi

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    You can head over to and search for Monopoly. My search returned almost 500 separate monopoly versions.

    Good luck.

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    The best i think is Oblivion for Xbox 360 and the worst is Pikim

  • 1 decade ago

    there is also a yankee monopoly, lol

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