white smoke out of my exhaust?

My 1994 honda civic i bought has white smoke coming out of the exaust when i rev up my car. At first it just burnt oil, and the smoke was blue, now its white. I bought it for 500. The last owner drove it with very very little oil in it when i got it. Should i attempt to pay someone to fix the gasket and seals or just swap out a acura engine instead?


i drove it for an hour, it doesn't overheat, is that a good sign?

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    It could be water in the gas. When it get cooler outside, condensation forms in the gas tank - this will be more pronounced if you have an empty tank. I would get a bottle of STP (or whatever) water remover and add to a full tank of gas. At two dollars, it would be worth it to just narrow down the list.

    It is good that your car does not overheat. Does your car use any coolant?? Is there any coolant in the engine in the oil??

    Also you should think twice about spending a lot of money on this project. After spending 1,800 on the engine of a $500 '94 Honda Civic, you will still have a $500 '94 Honda Civic.

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    1 decade ago

    Remove the radiator cap, start the engine, and smell the radiator neck.

    If you smell exhaust coming out of the radiator or see LOTS of bubbles coming out of the radiator neck, then you might have a blown head gasket. Did you ever replace the thermostat. Is there any water in the oil?

    When you pull out the dipstick, is there a brown goo on it? Water leak internally. Put antifreeze in radiator, put on the cap and run engine. Does the exhaust smell sweet? Blown head gasket or crack in head.

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    White smoke means a water leak inside the engine compartment, you should immediately go to an authorized garage.

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    whit smoke coming out the tailpipe is,nt a good sign unless it,s steam instead of smoke. it means that the anti-freeze is leaking into the combustion chamber and going out the tailpipe. it might not be leaking enough for it to overheat, just enough for white smoke to come out.

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    White smoke is oil, blue smoke is antifreeze, and black smoke is fuel. In all honesty your rings are probably on their way out the door but i could be wrong about them but if the motor is bad then upgrades are always a plus.

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