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Guys: Blondes or brunettes?

I take pride in being a natural blonde and seeing so many brunettes trying to copy my style. :) Although I find it annoying that because being a natural blonde is much more rare than being a brunette, all the fake blondes are minimizing my uniqueness and the appearance of my hair's rarity in nature. It's sad that most of these 'dumb blondes' people seem to be putting down are actually your breed (brunette) in disguise.

If any hair color were to be exotic, it would be natural blonde. We are much, much better looking! And guys like us much better! Vote for blonde! All you brunettes are plain andBORING.

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    Brunettes have a seductive mystery to them that personally I love. :P Blonde or brunette though is just a matter of preference.. I think beautiful women come with all hair colors. Priding yourself on having naturally blond hair is stupid. Measuring your uniqueness by your hair color is superficial and ego driven if you ask me... and putting down other attractive women does not make you any hotter! Just because you're blonde doesn't make you any better than anyone else.

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    Honestly, hair color doesnt really matter. i mean there are blonds and brunettes that are so pretty. there are blonds and brunettes that are complete b!tch3$. there are blonds and brunettes that are so ugly you cant even look at. but personally i think red hair is more rare than a blond and brunette any day so stfu. im a brunette, and ya you just fit into the sterotype of a blond.. /:

    i feel bad for you kinda

  • I totally disagree.. Brown and dark colored hair is much more exotic than blonde, deal with it. And most of the guy i know would rather be with a brunette any day. I think you're jealous and have a messed up superiority complex. Yeah sure guys may date blondes but they marry brunettes.

  • Oh my, well don't you just prove all the stereotypes about blonds are true...

    I'm a girl, but I prefer guys that are brunettes. Although, hair color isn't important in the grand scheme of things.

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    I prefer brunettes, they are a lot more exotic and mysterious, just take a look at Adriana Lima, Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian and Nicole from PCD


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    who do you think you are saying brunettes are plain and boring,i am a brunette and i have not dyed my hair and as for the dumb blonds out there they are mostly natural blonds like YOU and not the brunettes who dyed their hair blonde.

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    Dirt Blonde, A Color Right In The Middle.

    Not To Dark, Not Too Light. =-]

    Okay, Gotta Blast! Catch You Later! ツ

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    I'm a natural blonde too (colour of my hair in my avatar is natural) but I like brunette better, hence I dye it a lot.

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    Your judgement based on hair color sucks.

    I bet my brown hair with natural red highlights is more interesting than your blonde hair. (I'm a girl by the way)

    We're not a different breed, we're human.

    I don't have any hair color preferences, it depends on the person. I don't really pay attention to it anyway, it doesn't matter that much.

    And,by the way

    You're what contributes to the dumb blonde sterotype.

    edit- Y you're welcome Marry :D

  • Meghan
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    Brunette is so much better than a stupid blonde! I'm not plain and boring, you are! LOL!

    Source(s): A natural brunette.
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