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Why have Israel never admitted to having nuclear weapons that is until now.?

A UN body has called on Israel to open up their nuclear sites for inspection and call on the to sign the NPT. Israel have stated, as usual, that they will not co operate. Is this now admitting that they do in fact have nuclear weapons This must have been the worst kept secret ever lol.



Seen it all before.. Has Israel EVER cooperated with the UN and yet they continue to be members. A slight case of double standards.?

Update 2:

maxmom Yes and they have also never admitted to having these weapons.

Update 3:

Seen it all before So why do Israel continue to be members.? They should at least have the courage of their confictions and resign. Did I say courage ?

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    Israel believes it is immune from world scrutiny. Everyone is afraid of Israel for religious reasons so they can do whatever they want. The U.N. has passed resolutions against Israel many times but since the U.S. dominates the U.N. and runs the show, the member countries do not take action against Israel. People sympathize with Jews because of the Holocaust, but much has changed since then and Israel's inhumane practices should not be condoned. They supposedly have 160 nukes, more than unstable Pakistan which is also not a party to the NPT.

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    IAEA? That's the same guys who were not let into Russian nuclear arsenal... and Chinese... And American... So far, most of the countries that it actually tried to inspect, promptly kicked them out. In fact, everything we know about US, Russian, French and Chinese nuclear arsenal is what they *chose* to report - with no confirmation from UN. Seems like UN cannot control its own security council huh...

    As far as Israeli nukes - they didn't actually deny that have them.

    As far as kicking Israel out of US - that's actually what the hawkish wing in Israel is pushing for. You really want to play into their hands? Besides, there are a lot worse offenders in UN - Sudan, for example ( http://www.un.org/members/missions.shtml ).


    World War III - they did test their nukes. A joined project with South Africa. The tests were run in their waters. South Africa, naturally, denied any events were taking place, but the explosions were observed from space by both Russian and US satellites.

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    Cause it doesn't inflect AS much fear in your enemies when they KNOW and don't SUSPECT your given country of actually having weapons of mass destruction! And besides, it may have given the USA an excuse to invade them... You know, since they went into Iraq to find these sorts of weapons and found zip... It may be nice to occupy a country that actually has these weapons.

    Besides all of this, Isreal and Gaza couldn't keep up their armed conflicts and killing each others civilians if Isreal acted like the USA/USSR way... You know the attitude-we can blow you all to hell and back six times over, so smarten up! And Isreal couldn't keep up other conflicts w/ Lebanon and what have you... No way would a nation with a standing army without the bomb stand up to a nation with a bomb! And if all sides didn't keep up their conflicts, the USA, China, USSR (Russia now a days!) couldn't keep giving these countries weapons and making money off of them!

    Know what I mean?

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    Funny, cause Israel is the only one to have nukes, with out ever dropping one to see if they work.

    hummm, i wonder where they got them,

    those Jews certainly rose up out of no where, in almost record breaking time when compared to history, they've been condemned and exiled for a long long time, and then Boom, nukes and all

    belford declaration 1917


    mov ah, 4ch

    well the countries who are confirmed nuke powers, have all ways proudly blown them up to show the world.

    as for south Africa, no one can prove anything so it might be a conspiracy;)

    Jesus will be back soon, Thank the Good Lord he has the power to stop Nuclear Inhalation

    Source(s): Praise God
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    It has never been a secret that Israel has nuclear weapons!

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    al jazeera is your source.....it must be true then

    why should israel obey UN directives when the UN has a bias against israel and a massive antisemitic lobby led by the enormous number of muslim countries?

    and we all know how eager these muslim countries are to obey instructions from the UN...lol

    what double standards? it seems you expect israel to obey to UN rules when their murderous neighbours do not......why so keen to criticise israel's refusal to conform and not her enemies? anti semitism maybe?

    Source(s): wy should they leave the UN when their enemies are still members? and it takes no courage at all for these arab states to band together to attack israel.......israel stands up to these bullies........good for them
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    it should , why has not have !

    and yes they do have nukes.

    so what?

    they are not ranting lunatics like amadinjihad of iran.

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    if you think any gov. will tell all WRONG

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