Ear Piercing Problem?

Hi everyone,

I've gotten my ears pierced twice before but both time my ears got infected and they were swollen, so I had to take them out.

I want to get them done again but I'm not sure what will prevent this from happening.

Both times I got gold earrings, so maybe I'm allergic to gold or something.

Has this happened to anyone else?

And if you have any suggestions on how to fix this problem that would be great!

Thanks so much :)


I got them done both times at Carol Baker Visage

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    if you are getting them with a gun, that's the problem. those people don't know anything about piercing. as a result, if you hit a snag, they will not be able to help you.

    check out safepiercing.org for proper aftercare and what to avoid. had you been doing this stuff, you would have been ok

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    First of all, DO NOT go to the mall, those 'gold' earrings are actually gold plated nickle and the nickle will often leech through and cause reactions (gold isn't good for a fresh piercing anyway, it's too soft a metal which allows nicks and cuts that can harbor bacteria). Secondly, that cleaning crap they give you is actually quite bad for piercings, it's way way to harsh.The piercing guns are dirty and cause huge amounts of trauma to the tissues (not to mention you're being pierced by a high school drop out with zero training).

    So, the solution? Go to a proper piercing shop, they'll use sterile equipment, high quality titanium jewelry and provide the professional experience and advice you need.

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    If they're getting pierced with a gun, they're probably infected because the gun isn't sterile and it's pushing other people's skin and blood tissue inside of yours and your body's reacting to it. I would go to a professional.

    If it isn't that, then it's probably your after care that's causing the infections. If you take good care of your piercings and you still get sore, inflamed ears, you're allergic to the material and should have it changed.

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    1 decade ago

    that happened to me i got my cartilage pierced and it got infected and swollen and red and it hurt so i had to take it out then i went again a month later to get it pierced but on my other ear it got infected again the lady who pierced it said im probably allergic to gold so you can maybe try getting a silver earing next time

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  • 1 decade ago

    i have 4 earing holes(:

    umm if u went to the same place to get them peirced i would try another place.

    maby there not steryl there.

    I would try silver make sure there REAL.

    if there not that could make a HUGE diff.

    Im not sure if they told you but 3 times a day u should twist your earrings so they wont stick to your skin and get infected.

    maby that was the cause?

    also clean with rubbing alcahol 2 times a day.

    leve ur earrings in for 2 months until you change them.

    -hope i helped a little.


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