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any romance novels with an alaskan setting?

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    It wouldn't technically be considered a romance, but there's definitely a romantic aspect to this story:

    Tisha: The Story of a Young Teacher in the Alaska Wilderness, by Robert Specht and Anne Purdy

    I had to read this in high school and it's a really, really good story about a teacher in rural Alaska in the 1920's. The townsfolk give her a lot of grief because she becomes friendly with the local Indians (mixing with other races was really frowned upon in that time and place), and then she ends up falling in love with one of them. Give it a whirl; I don't think you'll regret it.

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    Guess what,

    I was going to say Tisha too.

    it is a great story, and based on a real woman's experience.

    Also Mrs. Mike, it is about the Yukon, but that is very similar to Alaska.

    Two in the Far North is the life, including the romance and marriage of Margaret Murie and it covers thier travels together to map and explore alaska, very good!

    I have not read it but there is also Snow Angel by Jamie Carie

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    Levi Johnston & Bristol Palin: A Love Story for all.

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    call of the wild

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