what are different features of RAM( random access memory)?

What are some different features of RAM( Random access Memory)

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    Capacity, throughput, latency, etc...

    There are several...including the 4 that are defined by the numbers listed in the RAM's description (i.e.: 5-5-5-5)

    Capacity - how much memory you have (i.e.: 1gb).

    Throughput - how fast you can input and access data on the stick.

    Latency - how long the data lasts in memory (i.e.: how slow the memory is in purging old data).

    Clock Speed - how fast data is processed


    Good Luck!

    PS: Oh...it's volatile as well. Remove the RAM's access to electricity, and it blanks...which is why they say you should periodically turn your computer off...besides the practical issue of saving on your utility bills!

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