Notes on breakups for my friend?

she just broke up with her bf of a year and shes really really sad and i want a note or a paragraph or a poem of some sort that will make her feel better and giver her hope that everything is gonna be ok.

lol sorry im not good with poetry :P

i wanna post it on her fb wall

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    Try something metaphorical -- paint swirling into water has always been a bit of a hottopic for me.

    She cries, she cries,

    The moon is shedding pearly white ties.

    The sun is burning,

    Burning with regret

    That it didn't do more to keep the moon safe and warm.

    The sun would be crying if flames didn't erase

    all hope of moisture,

    wishing for a backspace.

    The clouds are wondering whether or not to hide,

    protect the sun in a quick windy glide.

    But the sun will come out

    The moon will go down

    and she shall be left with no mark of a frown.

    ^^ It's the only break-up poem I've ever done, as I've never experienced it. This was done literally in thirty-five seconds. So sorry if it's bad. I'm an avid writer -- feedback is totally adored, good or bad! =]

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