Is it legal for a protestant and a Roman Catholic or Jew to date or marry?

Seriously, I wonder because we all know that Judaism, Christianity, and Protestanism are very similar; protestants followed the Christians. I also wonder because my Christian friend likes a protestant girl. If you can help legalize this thanks alot.

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    The laws might differ from country to country, but interreligious dating and marriage is legal in most countries.

    Also the Catholic Church allows marriage between Catholics and non-Catholics.

    The interfaith couple will have to get permission from the bishop

    Anyone married in the Catholic Church has to:

    + Take a pre-marriage course

    + Promise to baptize and educate their children in the Catholic Church.

    Here is a good article with suggestions on how to help an interchurch marriage succeed:

    For more information, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, sections 1633-1637:

    With love in Christ.

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    particularly the unique King James version coated all seventy 3 stimulated books, merely as they have been defined as quickly as and constantly with the aid of the bishops of the Catholic Church on the Council of Carthage in 397 advert. It replace into the determination of Martin Luther to eliminate 10 of the stimulated books from the Holy Bible - 3 New testomony books and seven old testomony books. fortuitously his followers would not pay attention of removing the writings of the Apostles themselves, and have been close to to a rebellion over the project. So Luther subsidized off and left the recent testomony intact, yet nonetheless bumped off the 7 old testomony texts. that's the reason the Protestant Bible is incomplete, having in basic terms sixty six books instead of the whole seventy 3. And if Luther had his way, Protestants might have in basic terms sixty 3 books. The Catholic Church nonetheless makes use of the whole and comprehensive Holy Bible, because it replace into initially defined, and because it replace into used with the aid of each and every Christian in the international for a million,200 years between the time it replace into compiled and the time Luther bumped off factors he did no longer like. different than those 7 lacking books, the only transformations between the unique version and the Protestant version are some words Luther inserted into the textual content cloth here and there, in an attempt to assist a number of his new doctrines. as an occasion, in places the place the textual content cloth states that faith is needed for salvation (a real fact), Luther inserted the be conscious "on my own", in consequence rewriting the textual content cloth to assert that "faith on my own" is needed for salvation (an untrue fact that straight away contradicts different statements interior the comprehend God).

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    Legal??? Yes... At least in America... The big question is will the churches accept it??? For the most part I think they would... The Catholic would have to get married the the Catholic church... But other than that I think the problems would be few...

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    Protestants are Christians. A Protestant is any Christian who is not Catholic.

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  • They are all Abrahamic religions so its really all the same at the basis.

    I don't see why it would be illegal to date someone of ones choice despite the couples religious differences.

    Some people may frown upon it ( I don't, I think it's silly to think that way) but I don't think it is illegal.

    Peace and Blessings = )

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    Where I am from you can marry pretty much anybody, as long you stay within your species....religion has nothing to do with the legality of marriage.

    But if you want to marry your St. Bernarnd....that is another matter entirely.

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    If you live in America, there are no legal restrictions on what religions people are when they get married.

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    There's something called Separation of Church and State.

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    Ummm...I don't think there are any laws against it.....

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