Visiting Lima Peru in December and January?

We will be staying with our family down there, but would like to know a website where I can find the cost of grocery items, as our stay will be for 2 months? Also, being from Canada what should I bring down there to give as a gift to peruvians we become friends with?

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    Groceries are pretty cheap in Peru since one of its main activities is agriculture. The kilogram of chicken (2 lbs) is around 2-3 US dollars. Meat is a little more expensive. It can go from 5-15 dollars depending on the meat quality. Seafood is pretty cheap too.

    Fruits and vegetables are cheap as well. $1 for a kilogram (2 lbs) of apples, avocados, papaya or 5-6 bananas. Tomatoes and potatoes are usually cheaper than fruits.

    Remember you'll be going to Lima in Summer time so bring clothes for the season.

    If you are planning to take a present, bring a souvenir that represents your country. Maybe some shirts, decoration, maple syrup, etc.

    Have fun down there.

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    Bring guinea pigs as the Peruvians adore them and they make pets, gifts and are very tasty too. Contact your family down there and they can tell you what is the cost of items down there. If you can afford the airfare, you definitely can afford the food there. Ask your family what they would like for a gift. They don't have many flat screen t.v.'s there so that would be most appreciative. Cameras, computers, iPods, designer goods are also very good gifts but if you are short of money forget that.

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    haha bro im peruvian

    u know how u would make me so happy if i see u coming from w/e place to my city just cheers and bring me couple beers and alcohol ull have fun with this ppl

    and bring some canadian thing something originally from ur place

    and ur good

    but i recomand u go to lima

    december january the best time to be ther

    tell ur friends u really really need to pass new years eve on south of lime place called asia ( the beach ) ohhhhh lala full of nice bitties and alot fun u wont forget specailly surfing and the techno raves they do ther pfffss awesome then when u are in the city nice places to visit larco mar barranco koz the view is nice the bars are lil shitti but cheap san isidro to buy stuff like malls u can go to really nice places in lima or out of lima like mancora and of course machu ..

    for me the summer is better in lima koz of the beach and mancora .. hot bitties ther im from lima in ny i love new years eve in lima specially the beach bring ur tent u can camp ther or go to friends house or rent hotel i use to go this place called juanitos in lima asia ah now they changed names but just tell em u wana spend new years eve ther and they will understand dont ever skip that ... ull thank me at 12

    stay up ..

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    This website can give you an idea and you can shop online

    Anything that is national to Canada, maple related or moose, etc. things that only exist in the winter Canadian paradise. Remember, Lima has only one season: summer!

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