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Does someone can help me to complete this (song or poem)?

miles of confusion

Is this the way to ascension

Is there going to be a good timing

I don’t want them breaking their wings

Please tell me

are you afraid of falling

are you afraid of flying

I want you to see in my eyes

This little caterpillar just wants to hatch

Looking for the swirling colors





Nothing could ever stop the butterflies to fly.

J’aimerais avoir une genre de chanson ou un poème à partir de ce que j’ai écris quelque chose qui parle d’un amour inavoué. Un amour incompréhensible, parfois il semble réciproque et parfois c’est la confusion totale. Je ne suis pas poète donc vous pouvez amplement vous permettre de modifier à votre guise. Merci du coup de main !

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    Nothing could ever stop the butterflies...

    In the skies of confusion

    Is this the way to ascension?

    I question the timing

    I am afraid to break their tender wings.

    Please tell me,

    are you afraid of falling?

    Are you afraid of flying?

    I want to see you in my eyes.

    Like waiting for a caterpillar to hatch into

    a beautiful butterfly.

    I want to feel swirling colors

    I want to grow wings and fly.

    Please tell me now, are you afraid of flying?

    Are you afraid of dying?

    Wings as delicate as fairy dust.

    If I touch them they will crumble

    falling faster than a dying dream.

    So tender.

    So delicate.

    Fantasies carried on the backs of butterflies,

    colors swirling begin to rise

    consuming me in their sweet confusion

    and delicate tendrils of fantastic dream.

    Just an idea off the top of my head.

    Good luck! you've started a nice poem!

    (Sorry I'm not fleunt enough in French to understand what you wrote below.)

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