three circular pipes with 30 cm diameters...?

are strapped together. find the length of the strap to the nearest centimeter.

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    184.25 cm or 184 cm to the nearest cm.

    Assume the diameter is the Outside Diameter.

    The pipes will form a triangular shape when strapped together. The strap will be straight on its traverse from pipe to pipe. This distance will be 30 cm or the diameter of a pipe. There are 3 of these sections of the strap. The curved section of the strap will pass around one-third of each pipe's diameter or one whole pipe circumference.

    Circumference = Diameter * pi

    (30 * 3.14159) + (3*30) = 184 cm

    Plus the strap must overlap itself a bit in order to hold together with some sort of fastener (buckle) but the total traverse around the pipes is 184 cm.

    Source(s): High school science teacher, moi!
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