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Looking for a movie Name...HELP?

I'm looking for a movie I watched back in early 2000's. I know it was a B-list movie.

it was a group of teenagers that gained like super powers or something, one was pink, one was blue, one was green and the one chick went crazy. There was a scene where they were on top of the school roof and the girl got pushed off or she jumped off or something, either way she died

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    The Source (2002) ?

    aka The Surge

    IMDb review:

    Reese is the new kid at a high school at which his father is the chemistry teacher. Reese, a goth, gets picked on more than most outcast teens I've seen in movies or on TV, but he does make friends. Zack is sort of a nerd, and his sister, Ashley, is an angry, sarcastic rebel. Phoebe is a New Age type. Zack discovers a portal in the woods on the side of a mountain and believes that, if the energy could be harnessed, we no longer be dependent on fossil fuels. But, the teens try something different; they discover that, by stepping inside the field surrounding the portal, each gets a superpower. Zack can read minds, Phoebe is telekinetic, Ashley can persuade the weak-willed to do whatever she says, and Reese can heal. Their powers don't last long, so periodic recharging is necessary. At first, the teens' new abilities provide comedy relief as well as a fantasy for those who ever were mistreated or perceived themselves to be by classmates and faculty. Moss, who has been working with Zack on studying the portal, warns Zack that these powers could be dangerous. Moss is right.

    Here's the movie trailer:

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    Power Rangers?

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