Conditional probability PLEASE HELP?

Suppose the two joker cards are left in a standard deck of cards. one of the jokers is red and the other is black. A single card is drawn from the deck of 54 cards but not returned to the deck, and then the second card is drawn.

Determine the probability of drawing the red joker or a red ace on either draw

if you `can help me you are super duper awesome!!! thank you so much!! :)


OH and the answer from the back of the book is 52/477, but it's the steps that matter, so please show all your work :) thank you!!

Update 2:

oh thank you!! i will check it out :)

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    problems w/o replacement are best solved using combinations

    there is 1 red joker and 2 red aces

    either one or 2 cards have to come from these 3

    so reqd.probability = (3C1*51C1 + 3C2*51C0) / 54C2

    = 156 / 1431

    = 52 / 477


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