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good books to read ? suggestions ?


im looking for some more books to read.

here are some that i have already read:

'hunger games' & 'catching fire' - suzanne collins (can't wait for the third book to come out!)

'memoirs of a teenage amnesiac' & 'elsewhere' - gabrielle zevin

'13 reason why'

'wake' - going to buy 'fade' soon.

any other suggestions?

please and thankyou =)

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    I read wake and fade they are amazing (fade is really sad made me cry) here are some of my favorites, not in order of the way i like them just the way my book self is up. You probebly should have put your age so i could help you better, im 13 and i read at a really high level.

    the undomestic goddess

    can you keep a secret all by sophie kinsella

    twenties girl

    The pretty little liars series (6 books out at the momment im pretty sure there are 2 more) by Sara shepard.

    Sundays at tiffany's by James patterson.

    A walk to Remember by Nickolas sparks.

    Just breathe by susan wiggs.

    Skinned by Robin Wasserman

    Wicked (3 books) by Nancy holder and debbie viguie

    Thirst (one of my all time favorites, about a vampire really good) by Christopher Pike

    Night World (3 books) by L.J. Smith

    Dark Visions by L.J. Smith

    Twisted by Laurie halse anderson

    The summoning & the Awakening (another all time favorite girl who is sent to a special home because she sees dead people, and the home turns out to be not what it seems-alot better than it sounds) by Kelly Armstrong.

    The House of Night series (what do you know another all time favorite!! 5 books out at the momment-there is more.) by P.C and Kristin Cast

    Pretty Much it for my all time favorites i have a few more too but i dont want to get to carried away.

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    Speak by Laurie Hasen Anderson

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    the perks of being a wallflower is my favorite book

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