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google chrome and viruses?

about a month ago I downloaded google chrome and have been using that to surf. I also downloaded the free trial Tune Up utilities and I could not believe how fast my computer was operating, everything was a click away (like it should be ). BUT tune up utilities expired and now it seems I have a virus. My symantec antivirus cant find it. But my computer is sooooooo slow again. Everytime I open Internet Explorer it closes itself after only seconds. But for some reason Google Chrome is still kickin it! NOt quite as fast but its working better than Internet explorer. Can anyone explain this? I know I downloaded the virus from Utorrent :( There is a movie file my computer will not let me delete, lame.

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    Un-install free trial Tune Up utilities, Symantec Anti-Virus. Then Download Good Anti-Virus Better Protection in you Computer Avira AntiVir Personal Free

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    I experienced just the same. Have AVG. Tried removing Chrome and reinstalling it. Still same Trojan warning, BUT: Then I: 1) restarted my computer (forgot that the first time) 2) Updated my virus database in AVG 3) Redownloaded Google Chrome and the problem was gone. Now I have Chrome again (Like it very much)

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    Download malwarebytes and superantispyware then run scans with both in safe mode by tapping F8 on startup and selecting safe mode. Run a scan with all both programs and your problem should be fixed.



    “Can’t install or run Malwarebytes?”

    Try renaming the mbam-setup.exe if installation fails.

    Try renaming the mbam.exe if the program installs but doesn’t run.

    Try starting in Safe-mode with Networking if program fails to install, run, or update. (Hit F8 key repeatedly when computer is starting after a reboot.)

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    Read my article, , if that doesn't work, your operating system may be corrupt, at that point, the easiest thing is to reinstall your operating system.

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