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Are Americans looking forward to their new Bill of rights drafted and approved by classified?

The Homeland terrorism preparedness bill

As read by John Haller

" ...due to their enormous size and other worldly strengths" @ 1 min 11 seconds .... what the fudgicles could that mean ?

underground classified Protected birthing centers --- @ 1 minute 36 seconds

A new bill of rights will be drafted and approved by classified @ 1 minute 39 seconds


Well the government has imagined a scenario where the old bill of rights won't be worth -- s--t -- and a new one will have to be drawn up by none of you're business

Not only have they imagined that scenario -- they are planning for it -- and they are preparing legal text for it

Are Americans looking forward to their new Bill of rights drafted and approved by "classified" ?


HR 8691

Youtube thumbnail


Gouvernement du projet américain de la loi martiale Pourquoi écoutez-vous pas quand ils parlent ne vous en avez besoin de vous téléphoner

Update 2:

Rep. John Haller Introduces House Bill HR8791:


"Congress will now vote for approval of HR8791, the "Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill." Said bill requests emergency response funding, up to and including -- ah... I'm sorry this section is classified -- ah, dollars to prepare for a national level terrorist attack and or attacks from ... [CLASSIFIED]. Funding for first responder personnel and vehicles would be doubled if said attack leads to more than eighty percent of national population being effected by [CLASSIFIED].

This funding shall convene in conjunction with the first attack on [CLASSIFIED], or the first large scale outbreak of [CLASSIFIED], dependent upon which comes first.

Civilian and military units shall be trained in containment and combat of [CLASSIFIED] including irradiated [CLASSIFIED] with possibility of [CLASSIFIED] airborne [CLASSIFIED], [CLASSIFIED] flesh-eating, [CLASSIFIED] and or all of the above in such event as [CLASSIFIED] spewing [CLASSIFIED]

Update 3:

escape are released or otherwise become uncontrollable.

Air Force units may also be directed to combat said -pause- [CLASSIFIED] due to their enormous size and other-worldly strengths. Should event occur in urban areas ... Jesus ... - long pause - ah ... that's classified... far surpassing our darkest nightmares. Should casualties exceed [CLASSIFIED] body disposal actions shall be halted and associated resources shall be reallocated through [CLASSIFIED] underground [CLASSIFIED] protected birthing centers. -ah- New Bill of Rights shall drafted and approved by [CLASSIFIED].

Having now reviewed the bill, I ask you to please cast your votes.

Update 4:


John Haller --- is an actor - the symbol on the bottom of the page is the onion

----- Now when I first saw that clip I swear it said C span not onion span

12 district is held by a democrat not a republican -- from what I can tell it is a very clever fake

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    HaHa that is an Onion video. lol. The bill of rights will be changed after they kill every gun owner only. Bring it on.

  • 4 years ago

    Hr8791 Transcript

  • 1 decade ago

    That's a real gem you dug up, my friend.

    Everybody should watch this. It's hilarious, in a sick sort of way. And believable.

    As Daffy Duck sarcastically says in a famous Warner Brother's cartoon, "That's rich..."

    (At least they read part of the bill in the clip. That's a step up from reading none of the bill. Can't find it debunked on or satire, it sure rings true! We know it's bogus, but it's a good job, and anyone who's read the Stimulus Bill or the House "Health" Bill would say it fits nicely with the way the idiots in Washington operate. The process of the legislature has truly become insane.)

    Source(s): Read this one. Like the "Stimulus Bill" (ARRA) it abrogates the 10th Amendment:
  • ak6702
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    1 decade ago

    Some one needs to listen to George Noory.Every once and while Art Bell still does the show.

    He has the answers.

    That and the Bible.

    Kinda odd how a book that so many think is b/s told us about days like this.A one world currency is in the works.Many false teachers.

    You name it's happening now.

    Time to make your decision....If you wait it may be to late.

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  • 1 decade ago

    This was proven to be a hoax months ago.

    It made the rounds on emails and C-Span debunked it months ago. It was done by college kids if I recall.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sorry my answer is classified

  • iceman
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    1 decade ago

    I can't answer that, it's classified. lol

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You don't have a clue what you wrote.

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