fantasy football lineup?

i got


kevin smith

fred jackson

boldin flex

andre johnson

roddy white

dallas clark

tynes k

pitts def

my other running backs are buckhalter, hightower and larry johnson

my question is based on my starting lineup now in a 12 man league do i really need to any more improvements

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    1 decade ago
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    You don't have anything to special at RB but you have enough, once Fred Jackson is no longer the starter in Buffalo, you'll just be slipping by. Otherwise your team looks great good work putting that team together. GL

  • 4 years ago

    McNabb is a conventional question mark, yet whilst something occurs to him Kitna would be sturdy. Your WRs are purely common. Im a brilliant fan of Roy Williams yet i like him extra as an remarkable #2 no longer a #a million. Your RBs are great, they're going to save your team in rivalry. Your TEs and Ks are sturdy additionally. Baltimore's D would have a huge twelve months or they may be a bust. fairly of droping Haynes drop your lower back-up kicker. I doubt every person will decide on him up and you will purely %. him lower back up whilst Akers has a bye week.

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