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What time does Montana's and East Side Marios CLOSE?

I searched both sites, no hours.

searched google, no answer...

I live in Richmond Hill Ontario

East Side Marios Aurora

East Side Marios Richmond Hill

Montana's Newmarket

Montana's Richmond Hill



What time do these franchises normally close in the GTA/Ontario

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    They close most nights at 11pm, the bars sometimes are open until 1 am but the kitchen closes 1 hour before the restaurant does, I am a former chef and know a few Kitchen Managers in these operations, and after a certain time there is also a limited menu available.

    With a chain restaurant like these the head office sets the closing time, unless there in a mall or complex where access is limited after a certain time.

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    definite, & palms down, have been given to be East factor Mario. they have have been given great bottomless salad, relaxing entrees, peppy environment. meanwhile lower back on the barn...Boston Pizza is bland, overpriced, underserviced, and did I point out overpriced?

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