Does Ris Low deserve to represent Singapore in the upcoming Miss World pageant?

Miss Singapore World Ris Low seems to be facing tough times. Ris, who has been slammed for her poor language skills, is also serving a 2-year probation for credit card fraud. It seems that she was reportedly convicted of five charges of misappropriation.

She won the crown, she should be our representative. However, it is unclear whether she will be allowed to leave the country to represent Singapore in the international Miss World pageant. What do you think? Does she deserve to represent us?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Singapore seems to be losing sight on what a true Miss Singapore should be like. As Miss Singapore is a representative of the whole population of Singapore, she should be educated, articulate, display exemplary qualities and last but not least, she needs to be beautiful in the eyes of the judges. Miss Singapore should be a good role model to the people and the children.

    I am highly appalled that the organisers had said that the requirement for Miss Singapore is mostly about beauty. I am also doubtful if the organisers had put in the time and effort to actually screen each applicant properly with questions and tests to deem them worthy of such a prestigious post.

    Have they forgotten that at the Miss World competition, they would be asking them questions on politics which require actual knowledge and proper speaking abilities? And that the judges expect english to be spoken whether or not through a translator? Do we really expect a translator for 'Singlish'? That would be just embarrassing. The multitudes of people in Singapore who can speak good english would then be blacklisted too.

    Should Ris Low represent us? I hope not. I hope that the organisers start to care about the image of Singapore and the signals they are sending if they sent someone with qualities as bad as hers.

    Second chance or not, this is not the place for such things to occur. Please, don't let her be the next person to throw our faces away after the whole fiasco of national dresses.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Simply no. its pretty straight forward.

    the organizers already did say anyone w criminal record or whatsoever should not be allowed to take part in the competition, yet they do otherwise, does this mean anyone w criminal charges can actually take part already? She blames it on her bipolar condition how many want to bet her condition only surfaced after she got charged guilty of the 5 + 60 other charges? And if she indeed did have this condition, shouldn't she be breaking down now and even in frontt of the media? how can she still supposedly handle it so well? if she can handle it so well, then obviously there's something not right about the diagnosis is there?

    If we were to send her as a representative of singapore, I would think the organizers and everyone who is actually giving the green light for her doesn't really care about the image of singapore. If they did would you even think they would give the green light?

    If they said she deserves a second chance, yes i would agree on that but not in this way. If it was so easy to get a second chance how come other convicts out there don't receive the same treatment? thus why is the government or whoever just saying these kinda things and not doing otherwise. hypocritical isn't it?

    all i think is that she should be stripped of her crown and let someone else who deserves it (some one who is honest and bright and won it the correct way) be crowned. So far we haven't had this problem from Miss Singapore Universe, and only when this surfaced, it seems pretty clear what kind of girls should and should not join the pageant. And also, judging from the public's reaction and opinion about this issue it should be pretty clear that we would not want her to represent singapore or either that should we deny the fact that we are singaporean then? simple question, simple answer.

    i believe the people of our country should have a say in whether we want to let her represent us after all, its a democratic society isn't it? as mentioned in the pledge? if the organizers say yes and we say no... that isn't singapore or what singapore is already.

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  • 6 years ago

    The odds of her winning any title is 1 in a million. take a good pick in orchard and you can find someone better than her. And I mean the look. Where is all our beautiful girls in Singapore( I know there are many around ). Stop the Miss Singapore contest, is a waste of time. The most famous in Singapore is our PAP government, maybe should hold best manage government in the world. A very good chance Singapore can win. One last thing, why probation for her, please be fair, our respectable Singapore judges. Put her in jail. I thought some people even get jail term for a few beers(drink driving). i do not understand why some of her sponsors are complaining. i would not have heard of these sponsors if it were not for the controversy ris low stirred. at least people are starting to take this competition seriously. remember how miss singapore universe stopped being televised because of lack of interest from sponsors. unwittingly, ris has done the Miss Singapore World contest a lot of good, even if that was not her intended result. how did she managed to squeeze into the finals not to say win the local crown. Some may say the Youtube interview broadcast may be ad hoc and she is nervous, hence she was short tongued. But to face the international media during Miss Universe Pageant, won't she face even much pressure.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ris Low won the Miss Singapore World and this shows that as model, she has what it takes to win based on the criteria set by the pageant committee. As for her language skills, it does not seem to be in the best of what the public expects of her where the international Miss World pageant is concerned. I do not remember public sentiment on language skills being a deciding factor in the past. So in these aspects there is no reason why she cannot represent Singapore.

    Wrt to her 2 year probation, I am keen to know if probation orders allow those on probation to leave the country in the first place. Also it would help the public comment better if it was made known whether the committee was aware of her earlier charge in court or not. Does anyone know this part?

    From observation of the episode (pardon me if i have not understood everything clearly), there are 3 aspects worth considering. Firstly did she withhold the truth and hoped that it would not be discovered? If this is the case, then it reflects on her personality which affects the decision on whether she should represent Singapore or not, or even whether she should be stripped of the title. Second aspect is, did she not consider the conviction as serious enough. This reflects an issue of judgement on her part and this affects the decision on whether she can represent the state or not. Third is, did she come clean and was given a'yellow ribbon' by the committee as the contestants are judged on certain predefined merits.

    Whatever the case, she should seriously consider if she should on her own accord step down or continue to hold on to the title. Whatever the case, i am sure there is a nicer side to her and if she has paid the price for a mistake earlier, then we should go easy on one is perfect afterall. I think to undergo such controversy is bad enough let alone get bashed on the internet by a gracious society which we seek to be.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    While I do not think that she should represent Singapore with all that "baggage" tied to her, I want to say that the organiser and judges have to share a big part of the blame. If there was a proper screening in the first instance (especially of her criminal status), then we would not have reach such a predicament and Ris would not have subjected herself to all the ridicule and insults. Afterall, she is also a human being and like I said, Vanity has a price. Let's also face the reality that Singapore will not produce a Miss World or Miss Universe anytime soon. So better to save face for our Little Red Dot nation and send someone else rather than her. Ris would definitely get herself ridiculed again, this time on the world stage. As a Singaporean, I surely won't want my foreign friends asking me why we sent an ex-con to an international beauty pagent! So let's not send her and close this sad episode of Ris Low. We have more important things to do (like brushing up our English!).

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  • 1 decade ago

    NO! Ris Low does not deserve to represent Singapore in the upcoming Miss World Pageant.

    Firstly, Without her having to serve a 2-year probation for credit card fraud, I already think she don't deserve the crown. As she can hardly speak a sentence with proper English. Plus, what's more? She' not even good looking at all. And If you actually view her properly, you'll realise that she's flat chested.

    Secondly, If the government allows her to leave the country for Africa, what if at Africa, she scam other contestants from other country. And if this thing really happens, Singapore's name will go all the way down.

    Lastly, she has Bipolar Disorder. Which causes her to have mood swings, extreme manic episodes can sometimes lead to psychotic symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations.

    Well, how scary does that sound? Though it is true that she won the crown, isn't this enough for the crown to have another owner? Or do we have to wait for her to get more berserk & scam all the contestants from other countries, have all countries looking down on Singapore and have foreign investments dropping out before we can pass the crown to someone else?

    P.S : This is merely my point of view.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well her beauty pageant to represent Singapore for Miss World with an English language barrier as Singaporean the answer is big no. If you are beautiful outside and must be more moral inside and let the world know how beautiful city of Singapore that she represent. As we know mostly Singapore pageant spoken English during interviews.

    Let us review in the past how many Miss Singapore able to achieve top neither 20 nor 10. None. Well if she can't answer a simple question by the judge in English why should she represent Singapore.

    Maybe she can have a second change by taking an English lesson.

    Source(s): Please do clear your name of the white sheet of the bank statement mostly credit card. It is a big monster if you miss the late payment then they will send you someone knot the door.
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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think Ris Low is ready to represent Singapore on an international platform. Apart from her English, she committed credit card fraud, and has not honestly declared her offences when she signed up for the pageant. These indicate she has not reached the kind of maturity to be deserving of the Ms Singapore World title. Moreover, now she has lied not only once, but at at least twice, as she initially claimed the pageant organiser had already knew about her offence when she was crowned during last week's interview with the Straits Times. Now she admitted she has not informed the organiser at all, after the organiser come out and clarify with the media that Ris did not let them know about the offence.

    Ris said she deserve a 2nd chance in life. Yes she did. But not when she lied a 2nd time, knowing well the consequences. This is a serious integrity issue. It would be unfair to her fellow contestants, who would have deserved the crown better.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No. Honestly, I seen her videos..broken English etc, and I felt really sorry that people laughed at her and got so upset at her pronunciation of words. Because I thought she was very courageous and language can be learnt.

    But sorry, fraud? What credibility does she has now? Credit card fraud - it is not some petty or mischevious stuff that teens do when they are young. When she swiped those cards, not once but many times, did she think of the consqeuences? Dont blame age and youth and use it as an excuse. Everyone been young once and been there done that - but how many at age 17 would use someone else money to buy so many things?

    Sorry, much as I pity her, and how I advocate about giving people chances and supporting the yellow ribbon and stuff, she just dont deserve to represent Singapore. Anyway, face the fact - since when did Singapore women ever went in any finals in Miss World?? So just send a woman with average looks but make sure the personality is beautiful.

    And she should have been honest right from the beginning - maybe when she had been truthful right from the start, people would support her in this winning - you know, like the yellow ribbon campaign, knowing people are wrong but giving them a 2nd chance. By not telling anyone and thinking nobody will ever know? Fat chance and she blew it all away.

    Organisers, please wake up your idea- who was the person from ERM that said " singaporeans dont pay for her" - You disgust me with your ignorant comments. Yes,indeed, singaporeans didnt pay for her. I know you sponsors and organisers paid for it. You said that to stop singaporeans/netizens' negative comments. But, remember she is representing the country, Singapore, so we singaporeans should have a say? No? Democratic society? If she represents your company, nobody will give a damn. But she is representing Singapore.

    Anyway, enough said. Just hope someone realises what a big boo boo this is. No background checks on participants, no sense of judgement in choosing people to represent our small country. Imagine the "ex convict" headlines over all countries news about Miss Singapore an ex what kind of women does Singapore has?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Definitely NO.

    First, Singapore is a developed country that is known not just for its cleanliness but also for his strict laws and governance. By letting her represent Singapore, what are we demonstrating to the world? That Singapore tolerates such defiance just because she has beauty? This is the best that Singapore can produce? A beautiful girl but cannot speak Singapore's official language properly and yet has a criminal record? I am sure Singapore can do better.

    Two, are we telling the world that she offences are not serious? Theft and fraud is not a big issue and she should not be punished?

    Third, since she is on a 2 year probation which does not allow her to leave the country, why should we make an exception to the law for her? Singapore did not even budge when the US president pleaded for Michael Fay not to receive the canning. Why should we do so for her?

    In short, it would be a disgrace to Singapore to have Ris represent us. As a Singaporean, I am sadden that this is the best we can produce.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Whether Ris Low represents Singapore or otherwise will require the organisers to make a decision and set a precedent ultimately. The outcome will reflect on the standing of the Miss Singapore Pageant. As a Singaporean, I do not identify strongly with beauty queens as the playing field is often narrow and does not necessarily represent the best that this country has to offer. As such, her participation in an international pageant is not an issue of national pride for me. Traditionally, our country has never throw its weight behind such events. I cannot understand why we should all be so worked up in the first place. Beauty queens are humans. Even after crowning them, there is no stopping them from going to jail. This is a matter for the Pageant organisers /franchise holder of the Miss World to resolve, not the citizens. The former must determine if the winner sets out to deceive in the first instance by concealing the crime and probation or was it a case that an understanding of the rules was unclear to the contestants.

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