How much would it take for a teenage girl to get drunk?

I need to know for a school project. How many beers, breezers, shots or glasses of wine would it take for a teenage girl about 130 pounds to get drunk? also, what are some tips for said teen who wants to try alchohol for the first time alone to find out her tolerance? thank you in advance...and no im not asking for me im asking for school so please no preaching. thank you.

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    What the hell dude? Are you going to Date Rape U.? For science, I'll answer the question. A teenage girl, who has never drank, 130 lbs... and she wants to test her tolerance with you? Right on man, you're probably a great guy for her to trust you like that. Or a perv. In the eyes of science though, it's all the same. ANYWAYS... sorry about the rant. Think of how you get drunk personally. I am 6' 1'', and I weigh 190 LBS. After 9 1/2 beers I get to a .16 BAC. The general rule of thumb is that 1 shot/beer/glass of wine is going to raise the B.A.C. .02-.04 .

    The rule of thumb is actually blatant. The intoxication of the subject (X) is inversely proportionate to the weight of the subject (Y). This is assuming standard beverages are being consumed, I.E. No everclear, 151 rum, etc etc.

    You're not going to find a guide that says "It'll take 5 shots of vodka" or something. I mean, you probably WILL, but anyone who is willing to give concrete numbers without a physical assessment is...well...wrong.

    You also have to take into consideration the condition of the person's liver, their liver's rate of process, as well as their kidney's ability to create waste.

    You want the easy answer? Buy a bottle of everclear. You guys can vomit together, and discuss how unpleasant it is. Trust me, it's a bonding experience.


    P.S. Seriously though dude. A school project? Come on.

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    Depends on if you're a lightweight or a heavyweight. a lightweight means you get drunk really fast, but this actually has nothing to do with your weight.

    Usually it runs in the family.

    It also depends on what you're drinking, the percentage of alcohol, and how fast you drink it

    uhmmm, it might be a bit weird to try getting drunk by yourself, at least have a friend with you. So they can watch your back if you get so drunk you throw up. Because it's that persons first time being drunk they don't know how their body is going to react.

    everyone's different, my friend gets drunk after 2 shots. i've had 3 and half and i was only slightly buzzed.

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    Girls Getting Drunk

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    probably about 2 drinks. and don't be checking out tolerance.females have less alcohol tolerence than males, whatever the weight, and alcohol has more effect on females.

    its mother nature at work.

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    okay im like 120 and i get buzzed off of one cooler! and after three im demolished everyone is different

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