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good/somewhat classy restaurants (chains) in the toronto area?

im trying to find a place that is classy looking restaurant that would serve a person under $20 ... preferably italian and preferably a chain restaurant so then therell be more locations. thanks!

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    "classy" and "chain" usually don't do together...add to that "serve a person under $20" makes it more difficult...

    You're not left with too many, and none of them will fit your description perfectly....but you're basically left with Moxies, and il Fornello (They've got 3 locations in the GTA, that's a chain to me).

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    The Pickle Barrel is a great choice. They have locations all across Toronto. The classiest looking one is on Eglinton and Yonge. I don't think there is anything above 20$ so that would suit your needs. Also, the place looks very elegant and the food is AMAZING. You can check out the menu and search locations on the website:

    Hope it helped!

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    The Pickel Barrel is super cheap. I eat there all the time being a cheap student. You can get a meal under 20 dollars easy. They have breakfast, lunch and dinner with a HUGE menu

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    Toataly go to east side marios dude.

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    look in the newspaper hun , or look on the web.

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