math help please im dumb, full points?

Complete the ordered pair for the equation y=2x+6

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    let me help you by explaining and not just giving you the answer,you will see that it's really easy.the equation is in slope intercept form which is y=mx+b were b is the y axis, m is the slope and you need to know those two in order to solve it.since b=6 so that mean that you simply place 6 in the y axis because it has nothing on the x axis which gives you the first ordered pair which is (0,6) now from that point were you placed in thw y axis you use the slope which is 2 and you use the rise and the run to find the next's easier if the slope was in a from of a fraction but it is but you just can't see it.the slope is 2/1 and the numerator is always the rise which mean if it's a positive number you go up as many spaces as the number indicates which the rise gives you the y point and if it's a negative number than you will have to go down spaces as indicated but in this case you go up 2 spaces and that give you 8 which is the y point for the next ordered pair and from eight you do the run which will always be the numerator and gives you the x point and if it's positive you go right and if it's negative you go left so in this case it's positive so you go 1 space to the right which gives you the next ordered pair which is (1,8).hope i helped.

    p.s i know that im not that good at explaining

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    y = 2x + 6

    there are an infinite number of ordered pairs.

    Two that are especially important would be

    the y-intercept

    (0, 6)

    and the x-intercept

    (- 3, 0)

    You should be able to substitute values for x and determine the value of y.

    Go for it. You can do it. Why not try to get five more coordinate pairs.


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    Select a value for x, put it in the equation and solve for y.

    If x = 0, y = 6.

    If x = 1, y = 8.

    If x = 2, y = 10.

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    Don't say you are dumb! You are smart enough to ask for help. You are just struggling dear.

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    (0,6 and (1,8) last guy was wrong

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    (0,6), (1,8), (2, 10), (3,12) ...

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    (0,6) (8,1)

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