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The US and Western powers scream blue murder over Irans nuclear interests and yet when Israel got there's?

through the back door not a word was said. Pro Israelis will say that Iran is a terrorist state while Israel only wants to defend itself and is no threat to its neighbours. Really ? Tell that to the Palestinians and the Lebanon who were invaded twice by Israel. Israel have committed more massacres over the last 60 years than any other nation on earth I have a list of at least 30 perhaps some of the worst being Sabra,Shatilla, Fafr Qasim and Gaza. As for Iran they have not attacked another country in living memory. They have stated that they want to build a nuclear power station and have even invited UN inspectors to inspect their sites Something that Israel have always refused to comply with. .If Iran cant produce an atomic power station Israel should be removed of all its nuclear weapons as they simply cannot be trusted.



Mike B I have to use Aljazeera as they are the only news source that ever prints the truth about Israel All the other print nothing Why is that I wonder ? Could it be that the rest have Jewish connections or are Jewish owned ?

Update 2:

Yes the US and France gave these weapons or helped them build them but still the world stayed silent simple because it was kept top secret Should the US and France be above all international laws ?

Update 3:

? I would love the company of 72 virgins but I doubt if my lovely wife would agree. Yes I do hate what Israel are doing and the sooner the world sees it also the better it will be.

Update 4:

Doctor feel good When Israel start behaving like human beings and not like ex Nazis then my questions will stop. Until then watch this space

Update 5:

Mov ah I seem to remember that you said that Sabra was arabs killing arabs when in fact it was Phalangists slaughtering Palestinians and Lebanese civilians mainly women and children while the IDF not only allowed these murderers in but sat and watched the slaughter Thats a fact.


Update 6:

Bruisert. Do you really think that Ahmandinejad wants his country to committ suicide as that just what would happen if they nuked Israel . He is trying to goad Israel and has more sense than you give him credit for . Israel is the country who cannot be trusted as its they would want to bomb Iran's "atomic sites"but only if the US helps them .

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    Unlike Dr. Feelbad, I commend you for keeping the disaster that is "Israel" in our consciences, Michael.

    It's unfortunate that the factual information you offer is frequently met with knee-jerk responses by the yellow-ribbon-waving "God bless America" types, and the icky Religious Right-wingers. Neither allows actual FACTS to get in their way, lol.

    I agree with you that it's ISRAEL, not Iran, that can't be trusted as far as we could throw it. Iran doesn't show any pretense of being our ally. Yet the Izzies cozy up to Americans with their greedy hands extended, meanwhile murdering our citizens (Rachel Corrie), bombing our ships (USS Liberty) and stealing our miltary secrets. Who the hell needs such "allies"?

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    cause America wants tries to be in charge of the world and is trying hard.You have a point!Iran should do whatever they want but look foreign already hate the middle east even when it's not doing anything,America has the uglies government ever and makes lots of leis.Only smart people can understand that we'ree innocent and we'r just doing our duty(to protect ourselves) have a star:)

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    So, you're basically saying it's acceptable for Iran to threaten to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Basically, that's what Ahmandinejad wants to do and when he gets nukes he'll follow through as he truly believes he's bringing about the end of times. Israel hasn't once threatened to use nukes, but I'm sure if need be they will stop another Holocaust from starting.

    Source(s): Ahmadinejad doesn't give a rat's a$$ about his people. He's made very clear he itches for the chance to wipe Israel off the map, as was evident in his speech to the "World Without Zionism" conference in 2005. And what you call being goaded I refer to as Israel's right to exist. If I was Netanyahu, I'd make very clear to the Iranian government that an attempt on nuking them would mean their annihilation. Of course, if our current administration had any real courage or wasn't being talked to by the anti-Semites, they'd echo those sentiments.
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    you are completely confused. iran might not have attacked other nations first but once they have the capability to launch nuclear weapons they will not hesitate to use them. who attacked the jews in yom kippur? israel managed to single-handedly take out all offensive arab countries. and despite israel's small size, they are able to eliminate palestine and the rest of the middle east. do not turn a blind eye to iran as their head is still in the sand. it will only be a matter of time before they not only threaten israel but the US as well.

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    The "news" source you quote is - at best - highly questionable. Also, the US gave Israel the nukes. Israel isn't a threat to the world nor does it make threats against the world. Israel doesn't want their religion to take over the world. Iran is a terrorist state which has made their intentions against the free world well known. 'nuff said.

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    Very well put, I agree with you. Why the double standard, plus all the atrocities Israel has committed against it's Arab neighbors should show the West just how little they can be trusted.

    But we all know which group controls most of the business in the USA, who has the most money..and it's certainly NOT the Arabs.

    I have another point also..why has Israel been allowed to continue building on Palestine land when the UN told them not to.

    If anyone should have sanctions imposed on them it's Israel.

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    I fully agree with Sarah. Is there ANY question you have ever asked that has nothing to do with Israel? You need to get a hobby or something to deal with that freakish obsession you have with Israel. I'll bet you see the star of David on ink blot tests.

    Get a life.

    Well Iran is certainly not behaving like human beings with their crackpot leader ordering the shooting of his own citizens in cold blood a la Tiananmen Square. Doesn't get any more Nazi than that. But funny how that doesn't strike your moral compass. If you hate Jews, just say so. Just spare us your BS about you doing it for the sake of humanity.


    And unlike suck up flower, I'm not going to kiss your seat warmer to high heaven. Israel has been attacked by surrounding muslim countries more times than I can think of and not once have they retaliated with a nuclear strike. So that makes Israel more trustworthy with nukes than looney tunes Mahmoud who makes threats of wiping out countries and kill his own people.

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    You asked this question yesterday. Was it deleted?


    Yeah, and phalangists were there because of Damour massacre: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damour_massacre . And that massacre was a response for Karantina massacre: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karantina_massacre . And that one was after Black Saturday, in which Christians were the victims: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Saturday_(Leban...

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    read these articles since all of you seem seriously misinformed. you guys are pathetic. you have to stupid as fcuk to think Iran is the agressor and not Israel. i suggest all of you go and try figuring out whats really going on between Iran and Israel and stop letting mainstream media dictate your thinking. dummies

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    michael cease and desist ..... your equivalencies are now boring and

    old hat , you know the answers, you just want to stir the anti zionist

    agenda that enshrouds your every action.

    why don't you join one of the groups you so admire and martyr yourself

    for the cause.

    you will be immensely popular and be blessed with the company of 72 virgins in muslim heaven.

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