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Smallville season 2 episodes 1-4?

I've recently started watching Smallville from the beginning, and I've been renting the DVDs from Blockbuster...however, there is a really long wait for the DVD with season 2 episodes 1-4, so could someone give me a summary of those episodes please? The last thing that happened was that at the end of the first season Lana was caught in a tornado and we were kind of left hanging. Thank you so much! :)

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    Smallville season 2 is amazing part of the series. i had also watch some of the episodes of Smallville season 2 but after download and for that i have no longer to wait. i directly visit to tv download site and download smallville all latest updated with dvd quality. i had also download CSI latest episodes from that web site previous week you can use that web reference for next time .

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    you are messing up a bit: season 2 final is when Lex's plain crashes on deserted island, Chloe learns that Clark and Lana hooked up and didn't tell her, Clark destroys the ship with kryptonite, Martha loses her Baby and Clark puts on his red ring and leaves for Metropolis. Lionel Luthor in jail is season 4 episode 4 & Lionel goes to jail and Chloe is killed in season 3 final. so 2.2 HEAT has the right continuation :) p.s. that what's happening when you watch this things online ;/

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    you can watch the entire series here.

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