is steam a very thin liquid?

Steam is considered to be a thin liquid. I need more sources to prove this. Can anyone tell any websites, books, or articles that give solid evidence to support this.

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    Saturated steam

    Saturated steam is steam at equilibrium with liquid water [1]. It defines the boundary between wet steam and superheated steam on the temperature-enthalpy diagram.

    [edit] Superheated steam

    Main article: Superheated steam

    Superheated steam is steam at a temperature higher than its boiling point at a given pressure. For superheating to take place one of two things must occur. Either all of the liquid water must have evaporated or, in the case of steam generators (boilers), the saturated steam must be conveyed out of the steam drum before superheating can occur, as steam can not be superheated in the presence of liquid water.[2]

    ALSO, there is no article on wet steam, but it's name makes implications. You can just go ahead and google it since I have done enough for you.

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    Dude, who told you steam is a thin liquid? steam is evaporating water....i think anyway. Hey you might be right but i'm pretty sure it's definitely NOT liquid.

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    Perhaps you mean steam as a fluid not a liquid? Both gases and liquids are fluids that vary with density, how packed the molecules are.

    Source(s): Water Steam/Fluid Database
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    I always thought steam was a gas not a liquid

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    <<I need more sources to prove this.>>

    What you need to do is to reject the idea, not prove it, and this is because it's wrong.

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