Every time I plug a USB into my laptop, there's always a trojan! i've refomatted my usb several times, but there still seems to be a problem each time I plug it in. It says something about "autorun.exe" I think.... cause i've plugged in a fresh new USB that i've never used before and the trojan still pops up. I have avast, and i've scanned my laptop and it hasn't detected the virus. How can I get rid of it???

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    Sounds like you may have Win 32 virut/virtob virus which infects your exe's on all drives?

    >>>>( Make sure you shut Avast down before you run Dr Web?! )<<<<<

    Try this.

    Malware exorcism in seven easy steps

    1.Download and run this free cleaner, choose "Select all" and "Empty selected".


    2.Turn off your system restore! Right click on "My Computer and choose "Properties","System Restore tab",check the box "Turn off System Restore to all drives" and hit apply,Ok.

    3.Go into "Safe with networking mode" by restarting your computer and hitting F8 repeatedly at reboot, when a black/blue screen pops up choose safe with networking.

    4.Download Dr web cureit to your desk top.


    (Note) If you can't download, do to your infection use another computer to download Dr web and BitDefender to a pendrive or burn it to a data CD and stick it in the infected computers USB/drive and copy & past the install apps to the infected computer desktop.

    5.Unplug your either net cord or what ever you have to do to disconnect from the net.

    6.Dbl click on the Dr web cureit app and install it and do a scan.(Don't worry about updating it) Select "Cure it" when it asks and "Delete" when it can't cure it.

    7.Reboot into normal mode and download BitDefender free antivirus and install,update,and depending on time run either a "Deep System" scan which takes hours and cleans everything or a "Full System" scan that takes minutes and will shut down most malware till you can run a deep scan? Make sure your pendrives are included in the scans?

    When the scan is done delete/quarantine all entities it finds and your done.


    (Note) Don't turn on "System Restore" till your sure your clean and everything is running ok.

    If you need more battle plans

    drop me an email by clicking

    on my name under my avatar?

    Stay Safe Out There (~_~)

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    Ccleaner is the application I use to clean up my system when my pc slows down because of viruses, trojans or malwares. Free Download here:

    It's surely the leader program of its type

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    appears like an endemic. dont understand what form of laptop or classes you have, yet regularly you are able to reset your laptop lower back to a "risk-free" day. computers save all documents each and every few days in case this happens. not in all probability specific the thank you to do it, yet examine your administration panel and you are able to locate it. i comprehend it is complicated, yet im attempting to assist yet ooo so drained :) sturdy success

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